Days of Our Lives (also stylized as Days of our Lives; often abbreviated to DOOL or Days) is an American daytime soap operabroadcast on the NBC television network. It is one of the longest-running scripted television programs in the world, airing nearly every weekday since November 8, 1965. It has since been syndicated to many countries around the world.Until the network’s closure in 2013, Soapnet rebroadcast episodes of Days on a same-day basis each weeknight at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. (Eastern and Pacific Time). The series was created by husband-and-wife team Ted Corday and Betty Corday. Irna Phillips was a story editor for Days of Our Lives and many of the show’s earliest storylines were written by William J. Bell. In February 2016, the soap received a one-year renewal through 2017, with the option of an additional year by NBC.

Days of Our Lives 27th July Recap

While hanging out with Joey at their apartment complex, Tripp received a text message from Jade, who wanted to know how his plan to take Kayla down was progressing.

When Joey asked about the text message, Tripp admitted that it was from Jade; he claimed, however, that she was simply keeping him posted on how things were going in her life. “She’s getting a second chance with her mom, and I wanted to hear what it was like [because] it’s something I never got,” Tripp continued.

“Oh, man — if Claire used all the protein powder, I’m gonna kill her!” Joey grumbled, eager to change the subject. Joey breathed a sigh of relief when he checked another cabinet and found an unopened container of protein powder inside. Tripp declined to let Joey make him a protein shake, insisting with a grimace that protein powder was nasty stuff.

“So, I shouldn’t even mention my mom to you?” Tripp concluded, having noticed how his brother’s demeanor had changed after his earlier comment about Ava. Joey claimed that talking about Ava made him uncomfortable because she had done horrible things to his parents. Finding it hard to reconcile that version of his mother with the one he had seen in the videos she had recorded for him before his birth, Tripp insisted, while showing Joey printed photographs of Ava that he had captured from the videos, that she looked nice. Trying to ignore the images, Joey countered that Ava had been good at being two completely different people.

Joey added that he was sorry that Tripp had never gotten a chance to meet Ava. “I’m glad you have a family now. I, uh — I’ve always wanted a brother. Dad seems really happy to have you around. [And] Mom thinks you really have a shot at becoming a doctor. I know she’s not your real mom, but take it from me — she’s, like, the best one ever,” Joey continued. Scoffing, Tripp protested, “Oh, come on! She’s no saint.”

Confused, Joey admitted that he had been under the impression that Tripp liked Kayla. Tripp argued that Kayla could be quite cold at times, citing her treatment of Jade as a prime example. Joey tried to assure Tripp that Kayla had gone out of her way to show Jade kindness at first, but Tripp guessed that Kayla wouldn’t have done that if Jade had been pregnant with anyone else’s baby. “Look, Kayla’s not my mom, okay? And I’m never gonna think of her that way,” Tripp continued. “Fine, but you have to admit, she’s been really good to you,” Joey countered, jokingly adding that he was starting to get jealous.

“Yeah, well, don’t worry about that; I’m no saint, either,” Tripp stressed. “I’m the furthest thing from it,” Joey muttered, but Tripp found that hard to believe.

Joey fretted that his mother didn’t need drama at the hospital, especially after everything he had put her through over the years. Tripp optimistically pointed out that Kayla would still have a good life, with or without her job at the hospital. “A good family life, maybe, but if she can’t be a doctor anymore, that would kill her,” Joey replied.

Joey casually revealed that Kayla was being forced to clear out her office that day — and that Steve was helping her with the task, not just for moral support but also because he wanted to check her computer for clues that could help him prove his theory that someone had set her up. Suddenly worried, Tripp quickly excused himself, vaguely claiming that he had just remembered that he had something to take care of that day. Alone with Tripp’s photographs of Ava, Joey stared at them and quietly muttered, “I’m so sorry.”

Steve noted, after checking Kayla’s office computer, that Shelly — the nurse Kayla had once reported for badmouthing the hospital in the presence of patients — was the only member of the staff who had been on duty each time Kayla had supposedly made a mistake. Having also learned, thanks to a background check, that Shelly had already been fired from one job due to insubordination, Steve told Kayla, “We’ve got means, motive, and opportunity; [the only thing] we don’t have is hard evidence.” Steve was hopeful that the members of the review board would clear Kayla when they met later that day to discuss the matter, but he promised that if they didn’t, he would. After Steve left to continue his investigation, Kayla sadly placed her diplomas in a box with the rest of her stuff.

Steve ran into Tripp at the nurses’ station and revealed with a heavy sigh that Kayla had just finished clearing out her office and had, in the process, found a stack of heartfelt letters that patients had written to her over the years to thank her for everything she had done for them. “[She’s] the best doctor in this whole damn place, and somebody is doing this to her. Maybe it’s Shelly; maybe [it’s] someone else. But I’ll tell you something: I’m not gonna stop until I find out who it is, and then I’m gonna make ’em pay,” Steve vowed as Tripp squirmed nervously.

At the police station, Rafe was shocked to learn that Dario was out on bail. “If anyone’s a flight risk, it’s him! What idiot made that deal?” Rafe wondered. “Me,” Eli replied, confidently adding that Dario would stay put because he was in a lot of trouble and knew that it was in his best interest to cooperate with the FBI. Unconvinced, Rafe insisted, “The only way to get through to this guy is to lock him up!”

At the DiMera mansion, Chad told Gabi that he was going to visit a jeweler later that day. Regretting the way she had acted the previous night, Gabi tried to assure Chad that he didn’t really have to sell the ring that had once belonged to Abigail, but he insisted on sticking to the plan, knowing that he would have had a similar reaction if he had discovered that Gabi was hanging on to something J.J. had given her.

Changing the subject, Chad wondered when Gabi would be free for dinner that evening. When Gabi opened her tablet computer to check her schedule, she saw a news alert about Dario’s arrest. Stunned, Gabi looked to Chad for an explanation. Chad insisted that he didn’t know anything about the matter. Chad wanted to find someone to watch Thomas so he could accompany Gabi to the police station, but she refused to wait for him to do so.

Elsewhere, Andre was on the phone with Abigail, assuring her that he would find a way to recover Theo’s laptop so she wouldn’t have to agree to Dario’s demands. “I didn’t raise you from the dead so that you could end up in the middle of nowhere with that little rat!” Andre continued. Meanwhile, Dario joined Abigail in their room at the Martin mansion and demanded to know who she was talking to. Stunned, Abigail told Andre, “Guess what, Mom — Dario’s home.” Groaning, Andre grumbled, “What, have the police lost their bloody minds?” Andre promised Abigail that he would pry Theo’s laptop out of Abe’s cold, dead hands if necessary.

After subtly assuring Andre that she would stay put in the meantime, Abigail ended the call and wondered how Dario had managed to get released from police custody. Dario explained that his lawyer had managed to get him out on bail. Adding that the terms of his deal were still being finalized, Dario assured Abigail that he was going to insist on being relocated to a beach. “You know, I think even a sunny spot can be a real drag with a woman who hates your guts,” Abigail spat. Producing his cell phone, Dario warned Abigail that she would learn to love their new home — or else. “Better start packing,” Dario added.

After talking to Rafe at the police station, Gabi stormed over to the Martin mansion to confront Dario. While lashing out, Gabi revealed that Rafe had told her the truth about Dario and Abigail’s marriage. Gabi thanked Abigail for helping Dario and noted that, on the bright side, his arrest meant that the ruse could finally end. “Actually…Abigail doesn’t want to get out of this [marriage]. She’s coming with me,” Dario clarified.

Gabi was suspicious, but Abigail played along, claiming that her marriage to Dario had started out as an act but had since turned into something real. Abigail asked Gabi to be a good mother to Thomas in her absence. Stunned, Gabi admonished Dario for taking Abigail away from her loved ones. “Stop busting my chops [and] give me a hug,” Dario dismissively replied, wrapping his arms around Gabi.

“I’m glad you’re finally seeing things my way,” Dario told Abigail after Gabi left. “I’ll go with you, Dario, but I’m never gonna love you,” Abigail stressed.

Abe entered the DiMera mansion and greeted Chad, who wondered if there was any particular reason for his unexpected visit. Abe explained that Andre had asked to see him. Andre, who had hoped to get Chad out of the mansion before Abe’s arrival but had failed to do so, reported that Abe had recently learned about Theo’s job at DiMera Enterprises and wasn’t happy about it. Chad realized that was the real reason Theo had visited the DiMera mansion the previous night. “He didn’t want you to know about the situation; he was afraid you might be disappointed in him,” Andre told Chad.

Andre stressed that in order for Theo to sever ties with DiMera Enterprises, Abe would need to hand over Theo’s laptop so that sensitive software, available only to the company’s employees, could be removed from it. Abe said he would happily do that if it would end Theo’s involvement with DiMera Enterprises. “Absolutely. Think of him as being terminated,” Andre assured Abe.

“Not so fast!” Chad protested, wanting to keep Theo as an employee. Chad reminded Abe that Theo was a part of the DiMera family and therefore had a right to a job at DiMera Enterprises. Chad added that he cared about Theo and would never ask him to be a part of anything shady, but Abe countered that Andre had proven to have no such qualms.

Abe wanted Chad to fire either Theo or Andre so the two would never work together, but Chad refused to do that. “Then you won’t get the laptop back,” Abe insisted. Still hoping to resolve the conflict, Chad reminded Abe that Theo was a brilliant, moral kid with a great heart who, as a Carver, would never let anyone push him around. “I think you need to give him credit for that and allow him to have an active part in living his own legacy,” Chad continued, adding that Theo hadn’t done anything for DiMera Enterprises that Abe would deem inappropriate. Abe remained skeptical of Andre but conceded that Chad had made some very good points.

Abe showed himself out after promising to give the matter some serious thought. Once the coast was clear, Chad asked Andre to explain why he was so interested in Theo’s laptop. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have so many calls to make! Excuse me,” Andre replied before rushing off, passing Gabi on his way out of the living room.

Gabi told Chad that Dario was out on bail and had made a deal with the FBI. Chad was stunned to learn that Dario was about to enter the Witness Protection Program — and that Abigail was planning to go with him. Insisting that Abigail wasn’t going to abandon Thomas again, Chad started to rush off to the Martin mansion to confront his ex-wife and her new husband. “Listen, I have to tell you something about why they’re married…” Gabi said as Chad walked away. Too focused on Gabi’s earlier news, Chad didn’t stop to find out what else she had learned.

While Dario was packing some things in the bathroom, Abigail contacted Andre and quietly asked if he had managed to get his hands on Theo’s laptop yet. Andre explained with a sigh that Abe was reluctant to hand it over — and that Chad wasn’t willing to fire Theo to speed up the process. “Try not to panic. I’ll think of something,” Andre assured Abigail.

Meanwhile, Dario emerged from the bathroom and demanded to know who Abigail was talking to. Abigail ended the call and claimed that she had simply been arranging for Thomas to be waiting for her at the police station so she could say goodbye to him. Suspicious, Dario grabbed Abigail’s cell phone to see if she was telling the truth. When Dario observed that Abigail’s most recent call had been to a private number, she explained with a shrug that her mother was a journalist and therefore had to take certain precautions.

At the police station, Eli informed Rafe that Dario’s deal had been finalized. Observing that Eli seemed nervous, Rafe concluded, “My brother must be turning state’s evidence against a pretty big fish.” Rafe was stunned to learn that Abigail was going into the Witness Protection Program with Dario. Struggling to understand why she would ever agree to do such a thing, Rafe insisted, “Something’s not right. We’re missing something.”

Meanwhile, Dario and Abigail ran into Chad while trying to exit the Martin mansion. “Going somewhere?” Chad asked.

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