Against Amazon and exit fees: Cloudflare announces R2 object storage



Cloudflare is launching a new object storage system called R2 Storage. The abbreviation means, among other things, “Really Requestable”, in German roughly “actually available”. The main intentions of Cloudflare with the new service are hidden behind this meaning: competition – especially AWS S3 – drives exit costs. These are charges that customers incur while transferring their recovered data.

Cloudflare does not collect them for R2 storage. The provider is also referring here to its own Bandwidth Alliance, in which cloud and network companies commit to reducing or waiving data transmission charges for common customers.

In order to attract customers away from Amazon, R2 Storage is fully compatible with the S3 API. Additionally, Cloudflare wants to offer automatic migration from other S3 compatible services. In the end, the price should make the difference: the supplier promises that its object storage will be at least 10% cheaper than its biggest competitor.

When it comes to legal requirements for data protection, companies can decide for themselves where their data is stored if they wish. For added security and better performance, R2 Storage can also replicate data in different cloud regions. Cloudflare bundles all of these promises into other R2 abbreviations such as “Rapid and Reliable”, “Repositioning Records”, “Ridicully Reliable” or “Radically Reprogrammable”.

The latter is particularly interesting for developers: Cloudflare wants to integrate R2 Storage with its other services, including the Workers runtime environment. Users should be able to easily set up data pipelines and modify objects. Until then, customers must be patient, as object storage is not yet intended for productive use. If you want to test it as soon as possible, you can put it on the waiting list.

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