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LONDON, July 15. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Arqit Quantum Inc. (“Arqit”), a leader in quantum encryption technology, and Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd. (“Blue Bear”), a pioneering provider of unmanned and autonomous systems for defense and civilian customers, today announced the successful demonstration of a secure quantum communication channel to secure data transmissions⁠— powered by Arqit’s QuantumCloud™ technology hosted on Blue Bear’s Smart Connect™ device, an “inter-swarm” autonomous brain that performs multiple tasks of autonomous systems to achieve multi-domain collaborative missions.

This is the first time that C4ISR quantum secure communications with rotating symmetric keys have been enabled using a lightweight software protocol for small drones.

On June 29 and July 12, 2022, Blue Bear simulated and performed Information Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission simulations using its ATAK-hosted Centurion™ Mission System for C2 (Command and Control) of a drone using full symmetric encryption of task and target data secured by Arqit’s symmetric key agreement platform. During the mission, image data of potential targets was encrypted and securely relayed using Arqit’s secure quantum communication tunnel. Additionally, with active endpoint authorization and frequent rotation of symmetric keys, the attack surface was limited and perfect data secrecy was achieved.

Arqit and Blue Bear’s combined quantum secure communication solution is scalable. It can be applied to any data transmission path between operators, mission systems and manned/unmanned vehicles. The solution can be used on any open or closed C2 network of air, land or maritime systems and is independent of communication media (e.g. point-to-point data links, mesh data links, 5G, SATCOM, fiber and optical links).

Arqit Founder, President and CEO David Williams said, “We are excited to prove that Arqit is the solution of choice for future-proofing highly dynamic assets like drones. in swarm. The versatility of Arqit’s symmetric key agreement software agent means that it can instantly overlay any part of the battlespace network stack with full compatibility and interoperability with the existing network infrastructure, secure quantum encryption protocols and algorithms. The promise of multi-domain integration can only be fulfilled with stronger, simpler encryption.

Blue Bear CEO, Dr. Yoge Patel, said, “Integrating Arqit’s technology with our Smart Connect™ avionics gives our customers an operational advantage in multi-domain operations and beyond. With continuous authentication, even if an asset is compromised, it can be disabled in real time. This has not been seen before. Our demonstration with Arqit represents an important step in the development of manned and unmanned application security.

About Arqit

Arqit provides a unique quantum encryption platform as a service that secures the communication links of any networked device against current and future forms of attack, even from a quantum computer. Arqit’s product, QuantumCloud™, allows any device to download a lightweight software agent, which can create encryption keys in partnership with any other device. The keys are computer-secured, optionally single-use and trustless. QuantumCloud™ can create unlimited volumes of keys in unlimited group sizes and can regulate secure entry and exit of a device into a group. The addressable market for QuantumCloud™ is each connected device.

About Blue Bear

Blue Bear are pioneers in autonomy and unmanned systems; evolving unmanned concepts of any size at a pace unmatched by other organizations. We deliver effective solutions, professional services and business results, supporting military and civilian markets worldwide, with unparalleled pace, agility, passion and innovation. Blue Bear’s track record of innovative research and flight testing has earned us several awards and has positioned the company at the forefront of UAS development in the UK and Europe.

Blue Bears Smart Connect™, deployed for 5 years, successfully brings different and multiple UAS into highly autonomous collaborative swarms for the UK military. It is used to scale combat mass in MDO by acting as the gateway to autonomy algorithms through its modular, extensible and platform-independent architecture.

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