Auguron ensures data security with its revolutionary private cloud storage service

There are many security threats in today’s world, which makes it necessary to store important and sensitive files securely. Auguron Systems, a Web3 data security solutions company, offers individuals and businesses a way to secure their files. Additionally, the solution is the first consumer private cloud storage service that runs on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

Auguron stores and backs up files with end-to-end encryption that ensures easily auditable data integrity and confidentiality. Additionally, storage is managed in secure vaults built on top of the decentralized network. Among other things, this means being able to download a file from many locations not managed by a single organization.

The importance of such measures becomes clear when considering the frequency of cloud-based security breaches. More than 40% of organizations have suffered a cloud-based breach, according to the Thales Global Cloud Security Study 2021. This is a serious issue since the same study found that 20% of organizations have sensitive data in the cloud .

The problem is expected to become more prevalent as remote working pushes more companies towards cloud storage, requiring more sensitive data to reach those systems. But the usefulness of secure storage is just as valuable for the individual, and Auguron seeks to make it accessible to everyone.

“We’re bringing the decentralized web closer to reality by simplifying the developer-friendly IPFS network for the everyday user. While it is a marvel for developers, we believe it holds a prominent place in consumer file storage to bring autonomy, auditability, and privacy to user data,” said Sam Tarantino, CEO of Auguron.

Auguron brings true security, using industry standard encryption, to all of its users. It also uses private encryption keys and seed phrase to encrypt and protect all data.

The beauty of the seed phrase is that it ensures that the encrypted data is not decrypted until it is downloaded to the user’s device. It’s a secret key, and it’s the only way to unlock files stored on the decentralized web. Even Auguron cannot decrypt the files, putting all the power in the hands of the user. This means that Auguron cannot recover the bootstrap phase if you forget or lose it, causing the data to be lost forever.

While it can be daunting to lose access to data, it eliminates password-based data breaches. Additionally, shared access is kept simple with the addition of another seed phrase, which allows shared users on the vault to access data on their devices.

Auguron is free to use for those who need 1GB or less of storage space, and costs $2.99 ​​per month otherwise. The company also offers enterprise solutions to completely upgrade private cloud storage and protect critical files.

Auguron is currently available for storage on computers and mobile devices through an app, running on Apple IOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows, and Linux, with an API coming soon.

Spencer Hulse is editor at Grit Daily News. It covers startups, affiliates, viral and marketing news.

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