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-Space travel



How Parents Can Help Kids Manage Back-to-School Anxiety

COMMENT It is not surprising that children feel a lot of anxiety after a year and a half of the global pandemic. Here are the signs parents can look out for and what to do if their child is feeling overwhelmed. 835 words. By Elizabeth Englander, Bridgewater State University

Space travel for billionaires is the surprise topic with bipartisan US backing – but not Gen Z

SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY People of all political and demographic lines believe the race for private space is good for the future, but remains just an ego journey for the billionaires involved, according to a new poll. 784 words. By Joseph Cabosky, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dinosaur bones became griffins, volcanic eruptions were godfights – geomythology turns to ancient stories for clues of scientific truth

SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY People tell stories to explain what they see – centuries later, scientists attempt to match transmitted myths with actual geological events. 1380 words. By Timothy John Burbery, Marshall University

Machine learning and genetic research insights show how cells work – and may help develop new drugs for COVID-19 and other diseases

COMMENT Machine learning is great for finding patterns, but don’t know what those patterns mean. Combine it with the knowledge gained through genetic research and you have a powerful insight into how cells work. 583 words. By Shang Gao, University of Illinois at Chicago and Jalees Rehman, University of Illinois at Chicago

Forget the American dream – millions of working Americans still can’t afford food and rent

COMMENTARY Jobs and wages have skyrocketed in the latest jobs report, but that is little comfort to the many workers whose jobs do not pay a living wage. 778 words. By Jeffrey Kucik, University of Arizona and Don Leonard, Ohio State University

Why condos have come to America

COMMENT In the aftermath of a deadly skyscraper condominium collapse in Florida, a historian of this type of housing explains how it provides a sense of community that many people crave. 1016 words. By Matthew Gordon Lasner, Hunter College

Making peace between Israelis and Palestinians, is it time to take a different approach?

COMMENTARY Nothing seems to have brought lasting peace to Palestinians and Israelis. Two Middle Eastern scholars suggest different approaches than those tried before. 1474 words. By David Mednicoff, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Raslan Ibrahim, State University of New York, College of Geneseo

There is a religious revival in China – under the constant surveillance of the Communist Party

RELIGION President Xi Jinping’s nationalist agenda includes support for traditional Chinese religious beliefs and practices – as long as their leaders support the Chinese Communist Party. 1090 words. By Mario Poceski, University of Florida

We used peanuts and a climbing wall to learn how squirrels judge their jumps so well – and how their skills might inspire more agile robots.

COMMENT How do squirrels jump through trees without falling? It takes strength, flexibility and finely tuned cognitive skills. 1222 words. By Lucia F. Jacobs, University of California, Berkeley; Nathaniel Hunt, University of Nebraska Omaha, and Robert J. Full, University of California, Berkeley

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