Best Ways to Organize Your Cloud Storage Files

Remember the days when we had to store everything locally on our computers. USB sticks and external hard drives helped, but it was bulky.

Today everything syncs directly with cloud storage. Is it safe to store personal documents like your ID, financial information, or medical records in the cloud? Press or Click on for the answer.

You can use the free Google Drive account that comes with Gmail. It fills up quickly. Press or Click on for tips on how to free up space.

Your cloud storage can quickly turn into a messy mess. Set aside some time and clean it up. You’ll thank me later when you can tap on the exact file you want.

Folders are your friends

Get back to basics. It would help if you created folders with names that make sense. Your documents may be automatically placed in folders, but that’s not enough.

Start by creating general folders based on the format of each file, including photos, documents, music clips, and videos. Place all videos in one folder, Excel documents in another folder, etc.

Use these keyboard shortcuts to speed up the job.

● To select grouped files: hold down the Shift key and select the first and last item. This highlights these two and everything in between.
● To select grouped files: press Ctrl, then click each individual file.

Then drag the files to their designated folder. Now that you’ve sorted the folders logically, it’s time to dive into the weeds a bit more.

Second, create subfolders

It is not enough to dump everything into a general format-based folder. Consider this as your starting point. Then distinguish between the contents of these files. Let’s say you’ve separated your photos from everything else.

Now that you’re in your Photos folder, create separate subfolders dedicated to Holidays, Birthdays, Pets, or whatever is convenient for you. You want to put everything in one place, so it’s easy to track it down later.

The same goes for documents. If you digitally store financial records to make tax season more accessible, create subfolders for each year. Your future self will thank you.

Continue until all of your records are as accurate as possible.

While you’re working on this, create a folder naming system. Keep it consistent so you don’t go all wrong. In the tax example above, you can name a folder “2021_Taxes”. Keep the format with the year first and the underscore to keep everything tidy.

The same goes for your photos. Maybe your folder feed looks like this: Photos> Animals> Abby. I know all my photos of my golden retriever, Abby, go straight to this folder.

Your phone’s photo library is useful for more than selfies and food photos for Instagram. Your life will be better organized with a handful of pictures at your fingertips. These can make trips more manageable or even help you in an emergency.

Press or Click on for the best ways to store your COVID vaccination card on your license plate on your phone while you think about it. They will really save you from trouble down the line.

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