Blackline Safety: OH&S Awards G7 Insight with two New Product of the Year Awards

OH&S Magazine Names G7 Insight New Product of the Year Awards for Internet of Things and Industrial Hygiene – Gas Detectors Categories

Blackline Safety received two New Product of the Year awards from OH&S magazine in the US in recognition of the innovative technology behind its G7 Insight program. With over 10 years of connected safety innovation, G7 Insight is the first gas detector to solve the challenges of running a world-class compliant gas detection program. Equipped with built-in cellular communications, an online compliance dashboard, and automated data analysis tools, G7 Insight offers an easy upgrade path that allows businesses to easily adopt connectivity while minimizing change management efforts.

G7 Insight – Gas detection redefined

G7 Insight has competed with the biggest names in health and safety by solving the challenges of regulating gas detection programs, using wireless connectivity and online software automation. While some competitors have introduced internet-connected docking stations to attempt something similar, they only solve part of the problem, as compliance data is only collected from devices that have recently been tested or calibrated.

Companies are responsible for ensuring that their gas detection programs meet regulatory compliance standards. Conventional “beep and flash” detectors require labor-intensive manual processes to collect this data, often resulting in lost productivity. Traditional practices may also involve removing devices from the field to retrieve data logs, leaving room for human error in coordinating data retrieval or recording. G7 Insight eliminates the need for these practices by leveraging wireless connectivity and online software. Everything is automated – G7 devices continuously record compliance data and automatically upload it to the Blackline Safety Network when in connectivity zones, eliminating downtime and the risk of human error.

G7 Insight goes beyond regulatory compliance by giving users a complete overview of their compliance data, displayed on a personalized dashboard. Users can easily navigate their fleet’s compliance status from any internet-connected device and quickly see which devices are compliant and which need immediate attention.

When sensors in traditional gas detectors fail, devices often have to be removed from the field for repair. G7 sensor cartridges are backed by a lifetime warranty, which means if the sensor fails, it can be replaced in seconds. This allows users to maximize their productivity while staying safe in the field. The new cartridges are pre-calibrated and ready to use, reducing maintenance time and saving businesses money. Additionally, our upcoming G7 pump cartridge that supports confined space entry and leak checks also includes a lifetime warranty.

Award-winning workplace safety technology

The OH&S New Product of the Year award program recognizes outstanding achievements in product development by health and safety product manufacturers whose products strive to improve workplace safety. An independent panel of three highly qualified judges selected the winners of this year’s Tenth Annual Product Awards. G7 will be featured in two categories in the December 2018 issue of Occupational health and safety Magazine.

Internet of things category

For the second consecutive year, G7 has secured a place among strong contenders for the title of best new product in the Internet of Things universe. The Internet of Things describes the links between devices connected to the Internet that generate data that can be shared with its users. 2017 was a pivotal year for the Internet of Things category, with the G7 dominating since its inception.

Industrial Hygiene – Gas Detectors Category

G7 also won New Product of the Year in the Industrial Hygiene – Gas Detectors category. The field of industrial hygiene aims to improve life, working conditions and productivity by protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace and in the community. G7 Insight is the only connected safety system that offers automatic gas detection compliance and data analysis that works right out of the box. By combining comprehensive gas detection with optional real-time features for lone workers and teams, G7 can grow with your teams as your needs change. The connectivity behind G7 Insight powers the real-time situational awareness option by alerting a live monitoring team of a gas exposure, injury or health event.

The future of security

G7 Insight makes it easy to monitor your team’s security with Blackline Analytics. Data collected from G7 devices is compiled into an online analytics dashboard that allows for geolocated gas readings, alert information and all usage information. When a user is exposed to a gas, the exact location of the exposure can easily be visualized, allowing companies to quickly identify problem areas. Users can also view emergency response times as well as areas where there may be potential for facility maintenance or risk mitigation. Data is displayed in comprehensive maps, tables, and graphs, each of which can be customized to suit the organization’s needs. With G7 Insight, teams can feel empowered to make informed decisions that can improve the safety of their workers.

This year’s awards mark Blackline’s sixth OH&S awards, highlighting how we continue to redefine and dominate the gas detection space. Join the future of connected safety – contact us to learn how our G7 Insight program can provide your team with the most advanced technology in workplace safety.

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