Captello sponsors “Invisible Industry Tour” for the kick-off in DC

National Trade Show Alliance

This local initiative will speak to the workforce about the next generation of jobs that will provide lifelong skills and career opportunities.

June 1, World Expo Day to start the national tour

Captello, a leading provider of premium lead capture and event engagement solutions, has partnered with the National Trade Show Alliance, also known as NTSA, to help increase awareness and visibility of labor opportunities in the events industry. Captello’s platform will enable NTSA to extend its reach with CRM, sales enablement and marketing automation solutions, and a suite of interactive gamification experiences that will enrich the visitor experience , will increase engagement and help NTSA build a growing support network using Captello’s bounty. lead retrieval solutions that enable data capture via custom forms and mobile device app from anywhere in the world.

The Invisible Industry Tour, a collective effort in the live event industry that includes show organizers/associations, general contractors, trades/unions, experiential designers/producers, trade show suppliers, venues, offices convention/visitor and STEAM/workforce development, will feature a 49-foot Triune Quad-X mobile trailer that will visit several U.S. cities hosting industry events, including a stop in Las Vegas to EXHIBITORLIVE from June 20 to 24.

Trailer visitors will be immersed in interactive presentations, exhibits and time-lapse videos created by industry associations, designers, builders, unions, support services and more, showing the work involved in production of a trade show, including setup for teardown and behind the scenes proposals and design.

The tour is billed as a mobile marketing initiative that will raise awareness of the trade shows, conventions, meetings and live events industry. Most importantly, it will help create jobs, connect, support and grow the industry’s workforce.

The tour plans to take place on World Expo Day, June 1, from Washington, D.C. with the goal of meeting with government officials, economic development directors, labor unions and other groups to highlight the importance of the trade show industry in these cities, says Laura Palker, founder of the National Trade Show Alliance.

The NTSA is working with many industry veterans across all 6.6 million jobs involved in the live event industry to create a library of knowledge, comprised of 20-30 minute videos, that will help train the next generation of traders. show the workers. By taking this mobile exhibition on the road for next year, it is hoped that the anonymity of the industry can finally be ended by introducing the job opportunities that the live event industry can provide to the next generation.

“It is time to tell our story in person. This grassroots initiative will speak to the workforce about the next generation of jobs that will provide lifelong skills and career opportunities,” said Palker. “While our industry leaders and advocacy groups focus on the federal level, the Invisible Industry Tour will target local communities, to help build awareness and support.”

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