China Unicom held a meeting of international partners in 2021 and announced a variety of “SMART solutions”

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2021 / On December 6, China Unicom successfully hosted the 2021 International Partner Meeting in Beijing as a live online broadcast. Hundreds of guests, including world-renowned telecommunications service providers and China Unicom partners from different industries, attended the meeting; Together they explored the megatrends of industry transformation. Mr. Liang Baojun, Senior Vice President of China Unicom, delivered a keynote address. Ms. Meng Shusen, President and Chairman of China Unicom Global Limited, joined the meeting and announced a variety of “SMART solutions” on behalf of China Unicom Global

In his “Connect with Global Partners to Empower the 5G Era” speech, Liang Baojun said that as a digital solutions provider with abundant resources as well as a customer base and official partner of Winter Olympics telecommunications services 2022 and the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games, China Unicom would continue to work with all partners to build a mutually beneficial digital community and promote the development of the digital economy.

In the post-pandemic era, all industries are striving to innovate and transform. China Unicom continues to focus on building a high-quality 5G network and creating smart and innovative products. The company has doubled its coverage, speed, bandwidth and capacity, which greatly benefits the scaling of 5G applications. In terms of global connection, China Unicom Global attached great importance to the demand of global customers for stable and secure data transmission and continued to provide flexible and diverse integrated Internet solutions.

Meng Shusen said that China Unicom Global has always been committed to providing its customers with innovative, high-quality International Express products that can be applied to multiple scenarios, providing ultra-low latency, safe and reliable connection services. Using Big Computing as a basis, the company has cooperated with leading cloud service providers around the world to integrate cloud and network resources to provide intelligent cloud networking services that combine cloud and network while enabling multi interconnection. -cloud in a green and secure way. . In addition, during the pandemic, the company has bespoke multi-scenario and large-scale web applications using 5G + SD-WAN, in areas such as smart medical care, smart transportation, and smart logistics. The company has now established 28 overseas subsidiaries, 5 NOCs and over 130 overseas PoPs, covering more than 80 countries and regions.

The forum further demonstrated the innovative capacity of China Unicom Global, which lays a solid foundation for deep cooperation with a global partner in international operations. To express its appreciation and gratitude to its global partners, China Unicom Global presented the Unicom Global Partner Award to 28 partners.

About China Unicom Global Limited

China Unicom Global Limited (“CUG”) was established on May 29, 2015. Based in Hong Kong, with 28 subsidiaries and offices around the world, and more than 130 points of presence (PoP) overseas, CUG strives to develop, operate, and maintain outside of mainland China.

CUG offers reliable end-to-end integrated global telecommunications services and solutions, including global connectivity services, global internet access, ICT services, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), video conferencing services , unified communications, content and security, and provides personal customers with premium voice and mobility services.

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