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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN, Nov. 16, 2022 / — London and Malta-based fintech CityFALCON has developed a new product that gives its users more insight into their assets and portfolios. With the Insider Transactions tool, CityFALCON users can better access and analyze how company insiders buy/sell stocks and exercise options, as the data is processed in real time by regulators.

CityFALCON’s Insider Transactions tool aggregates reportable insider data from 5 million filings (at press time), dating back to 1996, and in addition to structuring the data, the feature provides analysis, insights and related visualizations. Retail users can enjoy it on CityFALCON’s web and mobile platforms, while enterprise and fintech customers can use its enterprise API. Learn about insider trading for Tesla.

The web and API due diligence tool allows the user to get the number of sells, buys and stock options exercised for different time periods, further broken down for each insider of a company. Trades are visualized on charts with average open market stock prices and important comparison metrics, like the average sell/buy price of those trades aggregated for different time periods.

CityFALCON will launch similar insights for key people, such as famous insiders Elon Musk or Sergey Brin, and CityFALCON watchlists will allow users to track an entire portfolio in one place. Additionally, insider business comparisons will be available between companies, to track industry and company trends.

The initiative behind the development of this innovative solution is to help small investors reduce the informational disadvantage they have in the stock market. This is in line with CityFALCON’s mission to democratize access to information in financial markets, where incumbents charge unaffordable fees, excluding retail investors/traders, SMEs, and even large corporate departments.

Combine insider trading data with news, sentiment, AI headlines and other CityFALCON content, and you have a one-stop financial platform for individuals and businesses. The CityFALCON team is excited to see the new tool enrich the platform ecosystem and continues to build an affordable platform through its multi-year research and development efforts.

More details and two case studies on the company blog.

Using AI and Big Data, CityFALCON personalizes content feeds from thousands of financial sources with a single paid subscription, like Spotify does for music. Customers receive curated and personalized content, analysis and information via web, mobile and the Financial News and Content API.

Note that the Insider Transactions tool is still in beta and retrieving data from repositories is an ongoing process. Please always check for accuracy and completeness before making investment and trading decisions.

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