Cloudian Extends HyperIQ Solution with Management and Security Features



Cloudian has added new management and security features to its HyperIQ observability and analytics solution.

According to the company, these new features meet the challenge of managing modern storage infrastructures that are increasingly distributed in geographically dispersed data centers.

Launched last year, HyperIQ offers businesses and service providers a unified management view of their entire Cloudian storage infrastructure, encompassing interconnected users, applications, network connections, and storage devices.

It provides intelligent monitoring, advanced analytics and health checks that enable predictive maintenance, enhanced security, and value for money.

As a result, customers can reduce average repair time, increase uptime, and accelerate new deployments, thereby reducing operational costs and making it easier to adapt to workload demands, says Cloudian.

The main new features of the latest version of HyperIQ are:

Monitoring replication between regions: Ensure fast and reliable completion of data replication with comprehensive system environment monitoring, including network traffic and performance monitoring between replicated HyperStore clusters.

Federated management: Manage multiple clusters from a single HyperIQ management system in a single virtual machine.

Ransomware protection: Get transaction details for storage objects that have been locked for ransomware protection, enabling organizations to identify unauthorized attempts to remove objects.

Single sign-on: Allows anyone with a corporate account and appropriate privileges to access HyperIQ and the information it provides.

In addition to these new features, HyperIQ provides:

Intelligent monitoring: Complete observability with interactive real-time dashboards and historical data that include the ability to slice and slice resource usage by datacenter, node, department and more.

Customizable dashboards: In addition to preconfigured dashboards, ability to create own dashboards from over 100 available data panels and explore user or storage data at a more granular level.

User behavior analysis: Monitor user activities, provide information on usage patterns (such as uploads / downloads, API usage, S3 transactions, request sizes and HTTP response codes) and enforce them. security and compliance policies.

Personalized notifications: Custom alerts for more proactive app monitoring and flexibility to integrate with multiple notification channels such as Slack, OpsGenie, Kafka, and PagerDuty.

Client health checks: Personalized monthly health checks with action plans based on trends and analysis of the customer’s Cloudian infrastructure, as well as global learning analyzes based on Cloudian’s installation.

Cloudian Marketing Director Jon Toor says, “Today’s modern storage infrastructure is increasingly distributed across geographically dispersed data centers, both on-premises and in public clouds.

“HyperIQ provides a comprehensive view of this geo-distributed storage and related network infrastructure, and today’s announcement gives businesses additional tools to manage it efficiently, cost-effectively and securely. “

Cloudian is an independent object storage vendor. With a native S3 API, it brings scalability and flexibility to the data center while providing ransomware protection and lowering the total cost of ownership.

The geo-distributed architecture allows users to manage and protect object and file data across sites – on-premises and in the cloud – from a single platform.

Available as software or appliances, Cloudian supports both conventional and containerized applications.


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