CyArk migrates unstructured data with Seagate

FREMONT, Calif. — CyArk is working with data storage company Seagate to manage CyArk’s cultural heritage data archive.

CyArk has implemented Seagate’s storage-as-a-service Lyve Cloud platform for data management, gaining “full control” of its data without vendor lock-in or egress fees, Seagate said last month.

CyArk also used Seagate Lyve Mobile data transfer services to efficiently migrate their huge datasets from multiple on-premises storage devices and a server to Lyve Cloud.

The non-profit organization is dedicated to digitally recording, archiving and sharing cultural heritage sites with researchers, historians and educators. Each project generates several terabytes of unstructured data.

CyArk has brought in an entirely remote workforce during the pandemic, reducing access to its on-site dedicated server that hosts huge project datasets.

They needed a solution that could provide their employees and stakeholders with always-on, secure, and fast access to their data, regardless of location.

“Digital transformation is critical to business continuity during the pandemic,” said Jeff Fochtman, senior vice president of business and marketing at Seagate.

Fochtman said Seagate has helped CyArk address common mass data storage challenges related to cost and complexity.

He said he was “a huge fan of CyArk’s mission” and “proud to support their passionate team”.

CyArk CEO John Ristevski said, “A data-centric organization, data mobility and accessibility are key, so we needed to rethink how we store, manage and share our data.”

Ristevski said that after exploring options, CyArk found that Lyve Cloud could provide them “the most streamlined data access, keep our workflows uninterrupted, and improve productivity.”

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