Don’t lose your data! Migrate to OneDrive by October 1 | FIU News

Student and alumni emails have already moved from FIU’s Google accounts to Microsoft 365, a migration led by the Information Technology Division. The transition enenables the university to operate more efficiently; provides enhanced security to mitigate spam, phishing and other attacks; and gives the Panthers access to the latest technology.

But the process is not over. If you want to keep the files and documents currently located in your Google Drive, you have a role to play in the migration.

To keep these files, you need to move your Google Drive content to OneDrive (or other digital storage of your choice).

The last day you can access your CRF Google Drive – and the last day to migrate your content – is Saturday, October 1.

You won’t be able to access your files after that day, so be sure to mark your calendar and save any content you like.

The Panthers will have 1.5TB of storage on OneDrive to migrate their content. In addition, alumni will only have access to OneDrive until January 1, 2024. We strongly encourage alumni to find a more permanent location for their data as the university is currently unable to extend access to OneDrive beyond this period. Microsoft will offer a discounted Microsoft 365 subscription to CRF graduates after this date; visit the Microsoft 365 website for more information.

Ways to migrate your data:

Mover is Microsoft’s tool for exporting/importing content. See a Step by step guide. Attention, this tool is only used to pass from GDrive to OneDrive.

Google Takeout is Google’s tool for exporting content from your Google account. Learn more with IT how-to guide for google takeout.

The DIY Options is to download the content from Google and then upload it to OneDrive.

If you have any questions, the Computing Division will organize a OneDrive-focused virtual training for students on Wednesday, September 21.

Learn more about the transition to Microsoft 365 on the Computer Science Division Resource Page.

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