DroneBlocks Donates STEM Drone Kit to Villanova’s Computer Science Program

AUSTIN, TX, August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DroneBlocks is proud to extend its relationship with Villanova University Alumnus and Assistant Professor of Computer Science Jim Solderitsch by donating 10 Tello EDU drones and the DroneBlocks business license to Jim’s computer science curriculum. DroneBlocks is a popular STEM education tool that teaches math, science, and computer coding through the use of Drones suitable for classrooms.

DroneBlocks study programme is specifically developed for middle and high school students – however, the technology has layers and layers of deeper technology to tap into for advanced students.

The drones will be used by junior and senior computer science majors with a prerequisite in programming. The University focuses on both Java and Python as the main teaching languages ​​and students will also be exposed to Arduino in this course.

“From these drones, opportunities for exploration will arise from engagement,” Jim explained, as he pondered possible leads for students to learn about. The name of the course is “Special Topics in Internet of Things and Security” which, according to Jim, “leaves a lot of room to steer the ship in new and curious directions.” Enter: Drones! which offers an interactive and exciting hub to create a web of topics around. The program aims to include actuation of the remote control…or building a hardware controller kit that allows controlling the drone independently of a smartphone by harnessing the power of the ESP32 Chip which is the driving center of Tello Drones technology. “The ESP32 is interesting and powerful and could be used to demonstrate internet security exercises such as transmission of information in the clear, mid-flight drone takeover, risk of data in motion and over-the-air firmware updates for control.” Jim also sees an opportunity to educate other departments at the University by experimenting with the data science capabilities of ESP32, a similar data-scavenging application to the DroneBlocks data crawler attachment. .

The DroneBlocks team is excited about this partnership to encourage advanced requests to further unlock the valuable learning capabilities of DroneBlocks. The development and development of a new program for the larger network of DroneBlocks users would benefit many. DroneBlocks is currently implemented in hundreds of schools in the United States and also shared around the world, reaching thousands of students each year. Dave Eratha co-founder of DroneBlocks puts it this way: “For us, it’s about getting students interested in STEM and empowering them to create. When a teacher, or in this case a professor , walks into the classroom and sets up drones on the desk, the excitement builds regardless of the age of the student. The more people we can bring this to, the better.” Jim agrees, simply stating “Who doesn’t love flying drones?”

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