Enhanced IPv6 Innovation Helps Connect Connectivity to the Network


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As digitization advances, new technologies and new scenarios – such as 5G, cloud computing, IoT and the industrial internet – are on the rise, and network connectivity has never been more important.

Connectivity is the foundation of digitization, with networks connecting to clouds, businesses and homes. For clouds, connectivity extends from a single cloud to multiple clouds. For companies, it extends from each industrial campus to each industrial node. For houses, it extends from every house to every room.

In the digital age, IPv6 is required for connections between people, between people and things, and between things. It solves basic problems like insufficient IPv4 addresses and meets the basic Internet requirements of everything, with an available IP address for everything, greatly simplifying the network structure and improving the efficiency of data transmission. Such network technology is likely to synergize with other digital technologies and significantly boost the digital and intelligent development of the industry. In light of this, IPv6 needs to be improved and innovated, rather than just a network protocol.

As a working group under the umbrella of ETSI, IPE engages in IPv6 technological innovations, striving to build a solid foundation for digital connectivity based on enhanced innovations of IPv6, and ultimately intends to stimulate the digital economy.

Recently, ETSI successfully organized the webinar “IPv6 Enhanced Innovation: the IPv6-Only Future in the 5G, IoT & Cloud Era”. This webinar featured the publication of the first ETSI IPv6 Enhanced Innovation (IPE) report ETSI GR IPE 001 “Improved innovation IPv6: gap analysis”. Jointly compiled by 15 global IPv6 industry experts, this report analyzes the gaps in new IPv6-related use cases and services and recommends new features and enhanced IPv6 innovations, paving the way for consensus among global players of the IP industry.

Press release :

https://www.etsi.org/newsroom/press-releases/1987-2021-10-etsi-ipe-releases-the-first-ipv6-enhanced-innovation-report-helping-global-industry-players-reach- consensus

As one of the founding members of ETSI IPE, Huawei is creating an intelligent cloud network solution that aligns with IPE to deliver end-to-end backbone network capabilities, injecting new momentum into the digital transformation of businesses. industries. To date, Huawei has cooperated with global operators to carry out more than 100 cloud network innovations and joint business projects to serve digitization scenarios, spanning government, healthcare, education, finance, mining, ports, steel and electric power. Going forward, Huawei will continue to innovate with IPE as a foundation, enhance the capabilities of its intelligent cloud network solution, explore the business value of connectivity for operators, and accelerate the digital transformation of industries.

The full report is here.

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