Essex TM accepts expenses related to authorization software, tennis courts; postpones article on sewerage fund |

ESSEX – As of The Times deadline Monday night, around 100 Essex residents were still voting in this year’s fall meeting.

Since the event started at 7:30 p.m. at Essex Primary School gymnasium, voters have passed the top five articles, dealing with parking stickers, hiring a consultant to analyze zoning bylaws, acquire software municipal permit and pay to renovate Memorial Park tennis courts. Twenty-three articles were included on this year’s mandate.

Item 16, which seeks funds for the city’s Sewerage Enterprise Fund for fiscal year 2022, has been postponed indefinitely, according to documentation distributed at the meeting. It was not immediately clear why he was postponed.

Before the vote began, Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr stepped onto the podium to present the city’s annual awards.

Council on Aging Director Kristin Crockett and COA Outreach Coordinator Tess Leary were named Co-Employee of the Year. Tarr noted the two’s “very active and energetic” work ethic and their tireless efforts to keep seniors and visitors safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I put a lot of heart and soul into the Council on Aging,” Crockett said. “I invite everyone to come and see what we have to offer. “

Leary was not present at the Fall Town reunion. Crockett accepted his award on his behalf.

Sally Ann Rich, nurse at the Lahey Clinic, was named Volunteer of the Year for helping the city’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

“Thank you for supporting us at this very important time,” said Tarr. “You don’t do it for money or anything – you do it because you care about us, and that’s an important honor.”

Rich said she was “speechless,” which she added was rare for her.

“I appreciate the recognition,” she continued, “and working with Essex and the surrounding towns to get everyone on the right track.”

Essex Fire Chief Ramie Reader was recognized for his 35 years of service to the City of Essex. DPW Clerk Mandy Davis and EFD Firefighter Eian Woodman were also recognized for their 20 years of service.

Selectmen’s Board Chair, Ruth Pereen, also gave special thanks to the staff of the Manchester Essex Regional School District. The staff apparently could not be considered employee of the year as they were not considered Essex employees.

“The neighborhood was cautious, some might say too cautious,” Pereen said. “But they got away with no school transitions. They kept schools and the community safe and provided a fantastic education for the students. “

1: Modify municipal by-laws governing the issuance of municipal parking permits. PASS.

2: Engage a consultant to assist the town planning board and town planner with an analysis of the city’s zoning bylaws ($ 10,000 of the city’s general free money). PASS.

3. Modify fee schedules in regulations for electrical, plumbing, construction and gas work. PASS.

4. Purchase and install municipal permit software and pay the costs for fiscal year 2022 ($ 29,400 from general city free money). PASS.

5. Pay for the renovation of the Memorial Park tennis courts ($ 49,999 from Community Preservation Act funds). PASS.

6. Provide financial assistance for the restoration of the Cogswell’s Grant barn complex on Spring Street ($ 34,000 from Community Preservation Act funds).

7. Pay for the repair or replacement of roofs on Chebacco Terrace ($ 116,687 from Community Preservation Act funds).

8. Retain a designer to design and oversee construction of a new pavilion at Centennial Grove ($ 150,000 from general city free money).

9. Increase the police department’s budget to cover salaries and training costs to meet the mandates of the State Police Reform Act ($ 52,000 from the city’s general free money) .

ten: Pay for training in the use of police and vehicle cameras ($ 8,000 from general city free money).

11: Purchase and equipment of a sidewalk snow removal tractor for public works ($ 94-6,000 from general city free money).

12: Pay to implement Essex’s share of regional information technology services offered by Danvers ($ 3,100 from the city’s technology fund).

13: Add money to some or all of the city’s capital improvement funds ($ 343,000 from the city’s general free money).

14: Establish a new working fund for the Council on Aging for its fees and payments for courses and travel.

15: Create a stabilization fund to offset budgeted costs for the Manchester Essex Regional School District ($ 50,000 from general city cash).

16: Replenish the sewer maintenance station in the Sewerage Business Fund for fiscal year 2022. DEFINITELY POSTPONED.

17: Replenish the water maintenance station in the Water Enterprise Fund for fiscal year 2022 (60,000 from the Water Enterprise Free Cash fund).

18: Pay for the design, engineering and potential fixes and upgrades of the municipal sewer system ($ 50,000 from the Sewer Enterprise Free Cash Fund).

19: Fund the hiring of duly licensed private parties to trap and dispose of green crabs in Essex ($ 10,000 from general city free money).

20: Replenish the finance committee reserve fund for fiscal year 2022 ($ 15,000 from city general free money).

21: Fund the city’s other post-employment benefits ($ 500,000 from the city’s available general cash).

22: Modify the operating budgets for fiscal year 2022 of the general fund, the water company and the sewer company and take any related action ($ 18,100 from the general free cash of the city).

23: Pay unpaid bills from previous years ($ 17,055 of free city cash).

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