GTMaritime launches Cloud Bridge, the cloud storage integration for GTReplicate

Press Release – Users of the GTReplicate data replication solution for ships can now use SharePoint functionality, after GTMaritime rolls out further product enhancements to improve ship-to-shore communications and data management at scale of the fleet. This is the first step in providing full cloud storage integration, providing customers with connections where they need them.

The new functionality allows users to seamlessly integrate existing business processes and synchronize data between SharePoint and vessels using GTReplicate, and upload the data directly to SharePoint.

Integrating cloud storage into GTReplicate removes the lags that can arise when IT departments are solely responsible for file transfers. Instead, remote workers can send and receive data to and from vessels wherever they are, without needing assistance transferring files on their behalf.

Mike McNally, Global Commercial Director of GTMaritime, said: “Throughout 2021 we have seen an increase in demand for GTReplicate, which has coincided with the increase in the number of people working remotely and the need to render more efficient and secure data transfers. Our new Cloud Bridge feature gives users such as fleet managers and superintendents greater autonomy, control and access to vessel data.

“Delivered using our FastNet data transfer platform which has been specially designed to optimize and prioritize data flow between ship and shore, GTReplicate customers benefit from enhanced security features and efficiency provided by FastNet. Benefits include breakpoint recovery to handle connectivity disruptions, bandwidth throttling to improve user experience, file compression to reduce bandwidth usage, and delta transfers to upgrade. Updates files with only data changes automatically, if any. Being an integral part of GTReplicate going forward, these features will also apply to SharePoint.

GTReplicate is a data replication solution that enables IT managers to configure, monitor, and run concurrent file transfer tasks from a central location. Its use reduces IT administration time and requirements, which in turn can lower user costs and ensure higher levels of regulatory compliance.

For more information on GTReplicate and the SharePoint integration, visit:

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