How to Clear iPhone Storage Quickly

Thanks to larger apps, more content streaming, and higher-resolution photo capture and video recording, storage space on modern smartphones can run out pretty quickly.

However, if you have an iPhone, you can use a neat feature to quickly sweep away unused junk files and give your phone some valuable storage space to breathe. This trick works by using a handy “Offload Apps” feature, which is present on iOS. Here’s how you can use it to free up storage space.

What is the “Offload apps” option and how does it work?

Using the Offload Apps option removes unused apps from your iPhone, freeing up space on the device. However, this is not like simply deleting apps you don’t want. As offloading unused apps first backs up all your in-app data and files.

This save data is also uploaded to the cloud, instead of occupying device storage. When you need to reuse offloaded apps, files and user data in those apps will remain backed up, safe, and ready to be restored.

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“This will free up storage space used by the app, but will retain its documents and data. Reinstalling the app will restore your data if the app is still available in the App Store,” Apple says under the ‘option.

How to empty your storage space?

To use the tool, just go to your Settings app and navigate to the app settings page for any apps you don’t want.

iphone storage, iphone offload option, iphone review videos Here is where you can find the offload option for an app. (PhotoExpress)

On the app page, you’ll see an option to offload the app, just above the option to delete the app. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to quickly offload the application. Repeat this for any unused apps to quickly free up significant amounts of storage space.

Clear some more storage

If the offload tool is not working for you and you need more storage space, you can also try clearing downloaded videos by going to Settings/General/iPhone Storage and finding the option ” Review downloaded videos”.

iphone storage, iphone offload option, iphone review videos Here’s how to review unwanted videos on an iPhone. (PhotoExpress)

Find videos you no longer want in this section and delete them to quickly see an increase in free storage.

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