How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android and iPhone

Recovering deleted text messages is not a simple task, but can be possible if you have proper backups in place from the start. Many advertised software claim to get the data deleted, but few do. The best option will always be backups.

Backup systems can range from Google Drive, iCloud, Carrier company cloud to specific phone company cloud storage.

How to recover deleted text messages from backups:

Carrier Safeguards

Major carriers like Verizon and AT&T provide cloud backup storage to their users.

Restoring Verizon Content

Tons of people use Verizon cloud backup. You can use the free contact-only backup or have a storage plan. If you do, you can restore text messaging content to the phone.

  1. From the Home screen, press the Apps icon.
  2. If an apps icon isn’t showing on your device, swipe up or down from a home screen to access all apps
  3. Select the Verizon Cloud Icon
  4. Select the the navigation menu top left icon
  5. Press the settings top right icon
  6. To select Tools
  7. To select Content restorationContent restoration
  8. To select one of the multimedia options and click on Restore top right
  9. Select the 90 days or 3 months option and select OK

Note: Messages and call logs cannot be backed up or restored on iOS devices

AT&T Message backup and synchronization

AT&T has its own AT&T messaging application, including backup and synchronization of AT&T messages. To download messages stored in the AT&T cloud from AT&T message backup and sync, follow these steps:

  1. To select Settings
  2. Go to Backup and synchronization of AT&T messages
  3. Synchronize messages to your smartphone.

This message backup only works for certain Android devices. This process will not work on IOS.

Check your Android phone’s Sim storage

SIM cards contain very little memory, but contain some messages. There is no guarantee that the exact deleted message you are looking for will be there, but it’s worth it.

  1. To select Settings on your device
  2. Go to applications
  3. To select system settings
  4. Go to your messaging app
  5. Go to additional parameters find sim storage

Restore from Google Drive for Android

We suggest that you always back up your entire device to Google Drive. If you lose any messages or anything else, everything can be restored in one fell swoop. Trying to restore specifically would need a third party app using Google Drive backup backup as storage.

Follow the steps below to restore the backup completely:

  1. Return to factory settings the device
  2. Login on Google
  3. Accept the terms and conditions from google
  4. An option will appear regarding Backup to restore
  5. Select your backup fileSelect backup
  6. You will be able to check the items to restore
  7. To select Restore

Restore from ICloud for Ios

  1. Return to factory settings the device first
  2. When the phone starts to set up your information after the reset
  3. To select Restore from iCloud backup when you access apps and dataRestore from an iCloud backup
  4. Enter your Apple ID, which you used to back up to iCloud
  5. Enter password
  6. A list will appear; choose the one with the last backup dateChoose backup
  7. Restore should start
  8. After the restore is complete, the iPhone will restart.

Can you recover deleted social media messages?

There are many videos in the media regarding recovering deleted messages for Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp. Most of them suggest full profile data downloads and archiving processes. Please understand that these things will not work. Archives hide inbox messages and data downloads will give you full profile data without deleted data.

If you only deleted the specific message for yourself, the recipient will still have a copy. If the message is deleted from everyone, you will not get it back.

Do we need to save social media?

The best way to backup Facebook is to download all your Facebook data from Facebook and keep it safe, preferably in cloud drives. You can view the content through a browser or HTML viewers, except WhatsApp, where you can save the chats in the app itself.

How to protect your text messages in the future?

Have backup sources configured early

The best way to make sure you don’t lose your message or any files in the future is to back them up right from the start. The best method has to be the Google option for Android and iCloud for IOS. These cloud options offer free storage, and you can purchase more if needed.

Google Drive backup

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that can be accessed anywhere, as long as you have the correct credentials. The good thing is that you can store files here; therefore, backups can be configured here. Let’s learn how to do it:

For android

  1. Go to the “settings“menu of your device
  2. Scroll down and select Google
  3. To select BackupBackup
  4. Click it activate backup (this will help google to backup your device in future automatically via wifi)
  5. Select “backup now“.Save now

Note: The specific steps may vary by device model, but the main thing is the same.


  1. Connect to the App Store
  2. Search and Download “Google Drive”
  3. Open the app and sign in with a google account.
  4. Once connected, press the menu button on the left side.
  5. Click on the settings and press To safeguard.Backup to ios
  6. There are options to choose what you want to backup, toggle which ones you want to backup.
  7. Click on allow access.Allow user access

Cloud backup on Android and IOS

There are different cloud backups available for different phones. For example: Xiaomi offers Mi Cloud with 5 GB of free storage, so backing up messages, logs and important items will not be a problem.

Likewise, you get a drive like cloud backup service for Samsung devices with 5GB of free storage. Companies have different configuration systems for their cloud.

The general step is to check the settings and find your phone and sync accounts or phone account. There will most likely be an option to join their cloud.

You can backup your essentials for Apple phones which use IOS through iCloud.

ICloud backup

  1. Connect your iPhone to Wifi
  2. Go to Settings and press iCloud
  3. To select ICloud backup
  4. To select Save nowSave now to icloud
  5. Please stay logged in until the process is complete. You should see the date and time of your BackupBackup when the process is complete.

Use third-party app backups (last resort)

There are many third-party apps that back up your device for you. If you regularly make backups with your google clouds or your transport companies or iClouds etc., these backups may not be necessary.

You can try any of the options below; one of them will surely work on your device:

Recommended for androids

  1. MOBILedit
  2. SMS backup and restore
  3. Super backup and restore
  4. Syncdroid
  5. Moborobo
  6. Save right

Recommended for IOS

  1. Tenorshare iCareFone
  2. incredible

Where do deleted messages go?

Once you choose the delete option for any type of file on your phone, the file is allocated to be overwritten which means that new files are stored in the device, they will overwrite the old files as you thought. have deleted. These files may be restored until they are overwritten.

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