IBM FlashSystem storage strengthens data protection to secure businesses



Technology company IBM has announced that it will bring Data protection capabilities to its FlashSystem family of all-flash arrays to protect businesses from ransomware and other cyber attacks.

The “protected copy” automatically creates copies of data in “immutable snapshots” which are securely isolated in the system and cannot be viewed or modified by unauthorized users.

In the event of data loss, data breach, malicious activity, or any other event that compromises data or disrupts operations, customers can recover their data from snapshots based on known times before the breach, a declared the company in a statement.

“Protecting against ransomware and other forms of malware requires a two-pronged approach to resiliency that involves automated protection and fast recovery,” said Denis Kennelly, Managing Director of IBM Storage.

“This is why we are standardizing our modern data protection software, Safeguarded Copy, across our portfolio, bringing even more cyber resilience to IBM FlashSystem. Cyber ​​attacks are increasing, but data can be protected and restored when you’re ready, ”he said in a statement Tuesday.

With “Secure Copy”, storage administrators can schedule the automatic creation of logical point-in-time snapshots for scheduled intervals of their choice.

Customers can also take advantage of “protected copy” to extract and restore specific data from backup snapshots to diagnose production issues.

In addition, IBM announced that ‘Safeguarded Copy’ can now be integrated with IBM Security QRadar.

The company also announced plans to roll out the new IBM Storage as a Service offering, designed to provide customers with a new, rapid way to integrate hybrid solutions. online storage in any data center environment, eliminating the need for upfront investment in purchasing a system.


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