Infortrend storage solutions feature SSD optimization technology to provide better data protection and cost efficiency



Infortrend® Technology, Inc., the industry’s leading enterprise storage provider, has developed and integrated SSD optimization technology into enterprise storage solutions: EonStor CS Scalable NAS, EonStor GS Unified SAN / NAS, and SAN EonStor DS. It allows users to choose SSDs that offer high cost / performance ratio and larger capacity, without worrying about data loss.

With increasing demand for a modernized IT infrastructure, businesses are increasing their budgets to adopt new processors for their servers and higher density SSD storage for improved computing power and storage capacity. However, as SSD purchases increase in 2021, so do their prices. For budget reasons, many midsize businesses choose low-cost SSDs that use TLC / QLC technology, which on the one hand offers greater capacity by grouping more data into the same footprint, but, on the other hand, have a short lifespan and require frequent replacement. Failure to replace it on time can result in irrevocable loss of valuable business data.

Infortrend’s SSD optimization technology is a complete solution for the problems mentioned above. Firstly, it offers increased SSD stability with various technologies, in particular, RAID protection prevents simultaneous SSD damage and resulting data loss. With real-time SSD monitoring, users are always aware of the condition of the SSD, and when it is about to reach end of life, the system proactively warns users that replacing certain SSDs is necessary to maintain data integrity.

Second, the technology extends the life of the SSD by reducing the amount of data written to the SSD with optimization of I / O loads, which makes random write operations more sequential and reduces the effect of amplification of writing. Over-provisioning and other technologies can also extend the life of the SSD by several times. Overall, these features provide a complete SSD optimization solution and make the use of SSDs in business much more predictable, secure, and manageable.

“We are striving to develop a complete SSD optimization solution to deliver excellent data protection, maximum SSD life and reduced burden on corporate IT management,” said Frank Lee, senior manager of product planning.


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