Innovative company Robosport Technologies re-examines the brain in sports performance

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/May 23, 2022/ Athletes are arguably some of the most extraordinary beings in the world. They possess special talents evident in their many performances. As a sports enthusiast, watching these exceptional athletic feats can be an important source of inspiration on many levels. But you might also be wondering how they can pull off that performance week after week. However, what is certain about these people is that they are mentally strong, with unparalleled self-confidence and determination that keeps them going every day. However, no matter the level of athleticism, an innovative company, Robosport Technologies is at the forefront of re-examining the brain in sports performance in a whole new way.

Robosport Technologies is an athletic performance enhancement company investigating whether modern athletic training methods and technologies actually promote neuroplasticity. Led by a team of experts, Robosport re-examines the brain in sports performance, not from a “mental” or “psychological” point of view, but rather from a neurological or motor learning point of view. The team believe that the more communication a human can create between different parts of the brain and their connection to the musculoskeletal system, the sharper their senses can become and the better they can: 1. Effectively filter environmental data through the senses, 2. process it faster and 3. ultimately speed up the decision-making process, coupled with more accurate and precise motor movement.

In many sports, athletes don’t have time to think, only time to react. Robosport believes that the “advantage” athletes seek is to teach the brain to think faster on a subconscious level than on a conscious level. By using opposite (“contralateral”) side training with randomization (“contextual interference”) techniques, athletes’ brains can learn to produce reduced reaction time with precise motor movement without needing to think of a conscious level when in the middle of a game.

“The Robosport method for improving sports performance is not a ‘mental’ or ‘psychological’ approach but a neurological approach. We ‘open up’ brain-to-muscle connectivity by using opposite-side training and a random approach rather than a one-sided, repetitive way,” explains the Robosport Technologies team.

However, it is essential to recognize that it is not easy to influence change in sports training by re-examining the brain. The initial challenge they faced was not to develop the technology that integrates their methodology in an efficient and productive way, but rather to change the industry’s approach to age-old traditions in a way and in a language that athletes and coaches could easily understand.

Consequently, the Robosport Technologies The team decided to begin operations with the baseball batting tee. The traditional way to use a batting tee begins with positioning the tee at the level the batter is most comfortable with. Batters then put the ball back on the tee in the same position over and over again. Although they can move the tee around the plate, they normally do not change the height, thus limiting the practice session to a single spatial plane. This form of teeing practice does not promote long-term learning and memory retention because it creates a fixed groove or swing path and turns hitters into robots.

Robosport, Monday, May 23, 2022, Image from press release

Robosports’ first launch product is a robotic batting tee that randomizes the position of the ball, preventing batters from hitting the ball in the same spot consecutively. This method forces hitters to “rethink” every swing and keeps the swing path flexible and fluid while keeping the brain more responsive and better connected to the skeletal-muscular system. Robosport’s training methodology will strongly promote and encourage opposing side training, not to turn hitters into switch hitters, but rather to open communication between the two sides of the brain and help coordinate the dominant side more effectively. .

Robosport conducted scientific studies with Dr. Jacob Wilson and his team at the ASPI Institute in Tampa, Florida, showing that when hitters combined opposite-side practice with randomization of tee position, the accuracy of the batted ball increased by 9.1% and line strikes increased by 12.6. % compared to their initial reference measurements. The study was published in the Journal of Sport and Human Performance.

Robosport has patented technology in commercial grade tees, data capture, processing and retrieval, wearable batting gloves, vibration sensors and augmented reality. Two of their patents are currently pending in Japan.

While Robosport begins its journey with baseball, the methodology is what opened the doors to the development of new technologies for other sports, such as tennis, golf, and soccer. Unlike other companies that attempt to integrate new technologies into sport-specific training, Robosport tailors technology to the motor movement required for each specific sport. As Sal LoDuca, Founder and CEO of Robosport, explains, “The frontiers of athletic performance lie in better understanding what lies between the hand and the eye and how to best bridge that gap.”

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