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OpenLM, a Recognized Vendor in the “Gartner Software Asset Management Market Guide, Sep 2021″, is redefining the licensing landscape for engineering and specialty software.

Autoneum achieved a 28% reduction in software license spend through reporting, giving us the confidence to reduce and not hurt our business.”

— Steven Bryant, IT Operations Manager, Autoneum

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, July 30, 2022 / — Software usage has become an integral part of today’s growing IT infrastructure. With this growth, the purchase of software licenses has experienced a new peak.

That being said about the growing need for software, companies end up buying excess software licenses or simply overbuying them. This undoubtedly digs an extra hole in every organization’s annual IT budget. OpenLM – the software licensing company based in Israel, offers a fast and very efficient solution called “License Harvesting”.

When software is licensed using network (concurrent) or token licensing, it provides organizations with a huge opportunity to optimize their use of expensive licenses. In some cases, OpenLM customers were able to quadruple their license usage.

“Licensing” is a complex feature that must take into account many factors because in most cases the engineering time is more expensive than the cost of the software. Given this, the license collection functionality should not interfere with the engineer’s work. When harvesting a license, the software must ensure that the project is saved safely and that the user can restore the project when needed.

OpenLM uses machine learning algorithms to optimize harvesting functionality while ensuring engineers have access to the software when needed. Several factors are taken into account by OpenLM: license usage, activity, license availability, allocation rules and usage patterns over time.

OpenLM mainly offers four license collection techniques: Save and Close, Suspend and Resume, Manual, and Custom.

As part of the save and close method, a technical parameter is set for the OpenLM tool to identify inactive applications based on the needs of users or organizations. The OpenLM license monitoring tool then logs the user’s work on their workstations and closes all inactive applications to free up the licenses in the license pool.
This is a fully automated process and can be configured for applications like ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro, AutoCAD (all features that use the acad.exe process), SOLIDWORKS, MATLAB, Catia, Petra, Harmony, Kingdom, etc. .

The suspend and resume method is quite similar to the above method. Here, inactive apps are suspended first, then the license is released and checked into the pool. The suspended application remains frozen until the license is reclaimed by the application itself when the user attempts to resume the suspended session.

Under the manual method, the license administrator identifies all inactive software in the EasyAdmin user interface. Inactive licenses are then released manually at the press of a button. This can be done remotely and globally as needed.

The custom license collection method is a general-purpose license retrieval for licenses managed by any type of license server. OpenLM facilitates this method of collecting licenses by providing a configurable, flexible, script-based mechanism.

As the software industry grows tremendously, OpenLM is fully focused on how to optimize the use of different licenses across multiple industry verticals. And with this “license harvest”, OpenLM has clearly signaled a paradigm shift in the engineering and specialty software license management industry by guaranteeing at least a 25% gain in license utilization. for all industries and all business sectors.

About OpenLM:
OpenLM ( is one of the world’s leading providers of engineering and specialty
software license management solutions (source: Gartner Sep 2021 Software Asset Management Market Guide, 2021). It provides on-premises (product name: OpenLM Software License Management; former name: OpenLM for Engineering Licensing) and cloud-based (product name: Software License Management Cloud; former name: OpenLM Cloud) software license management solutions. OpenLM customers have been using its cloud offerings since 2018. Founded in 2007, OpenLM now has more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Nearly 10% of these clients belong to the “Fortune 1000” club and 400 of them come from the United States.
OpenLM currently operates in Israel, USA, Europe, Japan, France, Moldova, India, Germany, Austria and emerging countries like Australia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, LATAM and others. OpenLM has partnerships with traditional software asset management players, such as ServiceNow and LicenseExpertConsultants.

Serving over 15 industries – aerospace, automotive, engineering services,
Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare, Semiconductors, Energy, Power and
Utilities, Gaming, Government, Telecommunications, Mining, Electronics,
Construction, and more, OpenLM has an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 4.6. (Source: OpenLM customer satisfaction survey).

OpenLM Cloud monitors, optimizes and governs both engineering, specialized software licensing and SaaS web applications such as Workday, Salesforce, Office 365, Autodesk, Slack, Postman, etc. OpenLM monitors web applications using OpenLM Workstation Agent Deployment on a user’s workstation or standalone node or OpenLM browser extension. Thus, improving license utilization/availability and reducing licensing costs. OpenLM provides several pre-built API integrations, such as AutoCAD plugin, etc.

OpenLM promises

A global platform to manage licenses
An improved user experience at a lower cost
Visibility of the organization’s software assets
Insights to drive data-driven decisions
Role-based authorization system
Integration with other systems (e.g. ServiceNow)
Support for federated single sign-on
SaaS or web application monitoring

You can view OpenLM’s new pricing model here:
Any business questions can be sent through the “Contact Us” page: Their contact numbers: Israel – +972 4 6308447, USA – +1 619 831 0029, Japan – +81 505 893 6263, India: +91 98311 72694

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