Manuela D’Ávila says vaccination card was falsified in SUS

Former vice-presidential candidate Manuela DeVila (PCdoB) said today on her social media that her vaccination card had been tampered with within the Ministry of Health system.

Manuela wrote: “My contact details have changed and I don’t have a vaccination record !!!!!!!!! “. “Certainly, I do not believe in our information with this government !!!!!!”

In July of this year, Manuela de Avila had already modified her SUS (Unified Health System) registration. At the time, she looked dead, as happened to National Labor Leader Gliese Hoffman, and, more recently, With microbiologist and scientific publication Átila Iamarino.

Manuela discovered the previous error when she was vaccinated against COVID-19 and health unit staff could not find her data. She attributed the action to hackers who recorded the date of her death as 10/14/2018.

In 2019, the personal data of 2.4 million SUS users was disclosed on the Internet. At the time, Gliese and Manuela linked their problems to the leak, although the Health Department did not confirm how the changes will come about.

tome UOL, The health ministry said the changes were made by an “authorized officer who is not affiliated with the civil service or a direct collaborator.” According to the record, the user responsible for the change has been identified and blocked, and the data changes have been corrected. The ministry said in a statement that “information relating to data manipulation will be passed on to the relevant authorities to take appropriate action.”

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