Micron advances OCP storage support for cloud scale and

BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Micron Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq: MU) today announced new firmware for its NVMe 7450 SSD that supports the “Open Compute Project® Specification Datacenter NVMe SSD 2.0″ (OCP SSD 2.0).1 Micron has implemented the latest OCP standard to provide intelligent management that enables rapid, proactive optimization and resolution of common data center issues while bringing cloud-scale capabilities to enterprise data centers. The 7450 SSD, paired with this new firmware, continues to offer the most flexible deployment options in the industry, including U.2/U.3, E1.S, and M.2 form factors, as well as latency and superior quality of service. .

Data center operators derive tremendous value when they deploy SSDs with impressive QoS that also simplify operations and speed up problem resolution. As a leader in the storage industry, Micron is proud to help our customers realize these benefits regardless of size,” said Alvaro Toledo, vice president and general manager of Data Center Storage at Micron. “With this breakthrough, we are further empowering cloud and enterprise-scale data center operators to accelerate time to market and reduce operating costs.”

The Micron 7450 SSD implements the OCP SSD 2.0 specification to provide intelligent management, performance optimization, seamless integration, and error handling.2 Latency monitoring helps improve performance by allowing latency issues to be tracked, diagnosed, and resolved.

Additionally, administrative commands allow standardized control over functions such as namespaces and security, easily integrating with OCP-compliant management systems. In addition, the 7450 SSD’s recovery and error injection functions, compliant with OCP SSD 2.0, enable rapid disk recovery and simulation of errors commonly encountered in data centers.3

This important release expands storage capabilities that were once cloud-exclusive to go through global OEMs in enterprise data centers. With an industry-leading number of form factors, capacity options from 400GB to 15.36TB, and security to protect data, the Micron 7450 SSD excels in enterprise data centers. The Micron 7450 SSD with OCP SSD 2.0 is now available to select customers. Visit micron.com/7450 to learn more.

Customer Quotes

“HPE Compute customers are seeing the broad benefits of OCP standards, including enterprise-run baseline firmware and hyperscalers, resulting in more features, better quality, and quick access to industry-leading features. in the market by companies like HPE and Micron,” said Paul Kaler, Future Storage Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “The Micron 7450 SSD proves this rapid advancement with support for the ‘OCP NVMe Datacenter SSD Specification 2.0’.”

“Challenging large-scale hyperscale needs have driven industry innovation such as E1.S, as a form factor, and the OCP Datacenter NVMe V2.0 specification,” said Ross Stenfort, hardware system engineer at Meta. “The Micron 7450 SSD supports this hyperscale innovation with support for E1.S and the ‘OCP NVMe Datacenter SSD Specification 2.0’.”

“Microsoft Azure is a leader in hyperscale cloud hardware designs and patterns for open source hardware development,” said Jason Adrian, senior director, Azure Platform Architecture at Microsoft. “The Micron 7450 SSD extends the impact of these innovations with performance and latency for cloud scale, as well as support for the ‘OCP NVMe Datacenter SSD Specification 2.0’.”

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We are an industry leader in innovative memory and storage solutions that are transforming the way the world uses information to enrich everyone’s life. With a relentless focus on customers, technology leadership, and excellence in manufacturing and operations, Micron offers a rich portfolio of high-performance DRAM, NAND, and NOR memory and storage products through our Micron® and Crucial brands. ®. Every day, innovations created by our people fuel the data economy, enabling advances in artificial intelligence and 5G applications that unlock opportunity – from the data center to the intelligent edge and across customer and user experience. mobile. To learn more about Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU), visit micron.com.

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