Nearly 70% of hiring managers say they are more likely to hire someone already vaccinated against COVID-19, new survey finds


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As U.S. employment numbers continue to lag behind, a new factor in the typical hiring process could make it harder for Americans to get back to work.

One thing is clear: companies want vaccinated employees.

According to a survey by, 69% of hiring managers are more likely to hire someone who has already been vaccinated against COVID-19 than someone who has not yet been vaccinated.

The website, which aims to help job seekers find employment, surveyed 1,250 hiring managers across the country in August and found that immunization status is shaping up to be a major sticking point for many. many companies.

A third of hiring managers surveyed said they would automatically eliminate CVs that do not include a candidate’s COVID-19 vaccination status.

Of the 1,250 managers questioned, 63% of them work for companies that already required vaccines to employees in mid-August. At those companies, 43% of hiring managers said they would reject resumes that did not include the candidate’s immunization status, and an additional 33% said they would prioritize vaccinated candidates in the process. hiring.

Sectors in which hiring managers interviewed said they prefer to see candidate immunization status on resumes include IT and information technology, food and hospitality, retail, education and health care.

The desire of companies for vaccinated employees also transcends the status of working conditions, according to the ResumeBuilder survey. Hiring managers who work at companies where employees work hybrid schedules are the most likely to look for people who have been vaccinated, at 72%. Sixty-nine percent of hiring managers surveyed in companies that operate in person prefer vaccinated employees, and 61% of remote hiring managers agree.

The investigation was conducted on August 13, according to – nearly a month before President Joe Biden announced a series of tougher COVID vaccine requirements targeting both the public and private sectors. . The administration will require employers with more than 100 employees to prescribe vaccines or weekly tests – a move that is expected to affect more than 80 million workers.

Despite most companies’ strong preferences for vaccinated employees, a candidate’s qualifications are still the most important factor, according to the survey, but barely. Fifty-three percent of the hiring managers included said they are more likely to hire a better qualified candidate, even if not vaccinated, than a less qualified candidate but vaccinated.

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