NEXCOM’s iNAS 330 Improves Data Security in Harsh Operating Environments

The rugged iNAS 330 delivers high performance, reliable storage and data collection for oil exploration, transportation operations, industrial automation, and more. INAS 330 complies with IEEE 802.3af / at PoE powered device (PD), so that it can be installed in places without AC or DC power source, the dual PoE + interface provides power redundancy for increased reliability and stability.

To maintain data integrity under harsh conditions, the iNAS 330 is designed to mitigate risks including vibration and shock, extreme temperatures, and ingress of water and dust. The fanless design offers highly effective protection against dust and water, with an IP 54 rated chassis. The iNAS 330 comes with three hard drive bays, for high storage capacity and large fault tolerance, offering a maximum capacity of 3TB.

For accelerated activation, NEXCOM’s proprietary system embedded system – Atlas OS ™ – can optionally be installed in the iNAS 330 as a ready-to-use rapid assessment kit. Atlas OS ™ has a web-based user interface, with a centralized management panel and a two-workstation system. This provides real-time information delivery and several methods of monitoring and managing the iNAS 330. Atlas OS ™ leverages NEXCOM RAID damage detection and protection technology to enhance protection against disk failure.

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Founded in 1992 and based in Taipei, Taiwan, NEXCOM integrates its diverse capabilities and operates six global companies, including the Network and Communication Solutions (NCS) unit. NCS focuses on the latest network technologies and helps build a reliable network infrastructure, providing professional design and manufacturing services to customers around the world. NCS’s network application platform is widely adopted in cybersecurity, load balancing, uCPE, SD-WAN, Edge Computing, Storage, NVR and other network applications for enterprises of all sizes.

SOURCE NEXCOM International Co., Ltd.

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