NYPA to Test Use of Artificial Intelligence in Transmission Cable Upgrade



New York Power Authority (NYPA) Launches Demonstration Project with Sweden-Based Tech Company to Explore Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as Part of Long-Term Sound Cable Upgrade Strategy Y-49 Long Island. The cable carries electricity from Westchester to Long Island.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Incubatenergy Labs announced the selection of Eneryield from Gothenburg, Sweden, as one of 20 startups that will conduct accelerated demonstrations of their technologies with utilities and EPRI as part of the 2021 Incubatenergy Labs cohort.

“Collaborating in the rapid assessment and deployment of innovations in the generation, delivery and end-use of electricity is essential to achieve deep decarbonization by 2035,” said Erik Steeb, Head of EPRI Incubatenergy. “Incubatenergy Labs brings together startups like Eneryield and utilities to outsource the demonstration of these innovations and accelerate the commercialization of promising technologies. “

NYPA will work with Eneryield, which provides machine learning algorithms for intelligent energy analysis and control of electricity flow, to demonstrate the use of new technologies to identify possible solutions to detect faults and help strengthen and upgrade the Long Island Sound Cable. The cable is currently being evaluated for long term repairs.

“This is an opportunity to seize new technologies that have shown promise in development and put them to the test with real-time data and an active power system,” said Alan Ettlinger, Managing Director principal of research, technology development and innovation for NYPA. , which owns and operates the Long Island Span. “Using AI in infrastructure inspections can help increase reliability and safety, recognize faulty equipment and identify issues that need to be repaired, thereby mitigating downtime for customers. “

Eneryield was chosen by NYPA from over 250 international startups by a panel of global utilities and EPRI experts. The startups will spend 16 weeks working with the country’s electric utilities and EPRI on technology demonstration projects aimed at accelerating decarbonization, electrification, grid modernization and other innovation imperatives of the world. electrical industry. The results will be presented during the interactive Demo Days of Incubatenergy Labs, from October 19 to 20.

The NYPA project will focus on its Y-49 transmission cable, a 23 mile, 693 MW line that connects Long Island to Westchester. Historical data will be used from a variety of sources and AI / machine learning techniques will be applied to identify small anomalies, deviations and patterns to predict larger disruptions or impending faults. The project aims to determine whether the techniques can help predict developing problems or incipient failure of buried / submarine cables and improve the unique correlations and characteristics of the data that can be measured in more conventional analysis techniques. .

The cable has had faults that have contributed to intermittent failures over the past year. NYPA is working with its local partners, the Long Island Power Authority, and its service provider PSEG Long Island to implement a long-term strategy for its reliability and resilience going forward. Solutions include replacing segments of the span and potentially increasing the line’s ability to prepare for an influx of green energy sources. The lessons learned from this demonstration project will help inform the next steps in upgrading the line.


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