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HERZLIYA, Israel and SAN JOSE, Calif., December 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Otonomo Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: OTMO), a leading provider of mobility intelligence platforms, today announced that it has partnered with NXP® Semiconductors, to accelerate the time-to-value for the data generated on board the vehicle. The partnership ensures compatibility and business continuity between NXP’s S32G vehicle network processors at the vehicle edge and the Otonomo Mobility Intelligence platform in the cloud, to provide a transparent and secure infrastructure for the transfer of vehicle data to the cloud. It also enables Otonomo to deliver new vehicle data and differentiated and connected mobility insights that can accelerate the time to value of secure connected vehicle applications, while breaking long standing silos in the automotive industry. .

“We are delighted to be working with Otonomo to provide a secure end-to-end solution for connected vehicle data processing,” said Brian Carlson, Global Marketing Director, Vehicle Control and Networking Solutions, NXP. “Our partnership enables us to safely unlock more value by processing data streams at the edge in real time and reducing the cost of transmitting data, while providing new and expanded business opportunities to ecosystem stakeholders. connected vehicles. “

Extract data value from connected vehicles at the edge

Otonomo vehicle data and mobility information is used by enterprises, fleets and smart cities for a wide variety of use cases including, but not limited to, fleet management, insurance, vehicle management, emergency services, mapping, electric vehicle (EV) management, subscription services, parking, predictive maintenance, on-board services, traffic management and smart cities.

NXP’s state-of-the-art vehicle processing platforms generate massive amounts of data that can power mission-critical applications ranging from predictive maintenance to driver safety and advanced traffic management. Additionally, vehicle data can be extracted to gain insight into the data that enables new opportunities and use cases. The combination of NXP’s on-board hardware and software and the cloud-based Otonomo mobility intelligence platform powers these innovations by introducing the ability to:

  • Extend Otonomo inside the vehicle to deliver on-board data processing and synthetic sensor data to its data market
  • Identify additional data streams that can be used to reduce the cost of transmitting data, improve existing service delivery, create additional value-added services, and prioritize current and future use cases for vehicle data
  • Identify new, value-added vehicle data streams that are not readily available and collaborate with OEMs to make them available using extensive Otonomo APIs
  • Provide end-to-end customization opportunities for OEMs and fleet operators to meet their unique vehicle data needs, reduce costs, reduce storage requirements, enhance security and privacy, and deliver offerings premium for personalized data access

“Automakers are under pressure to move faster to deliver new and better-connected cars, and advanced computing is helping them get there,” said Ben Volkow, CEO and Co-Founder, Otonomo. “Our collaboration with NXP ensures that the data captured on board the vehicle is aligned with the driver’s needs and dynamically adjusted based on dynamic conditions. Therefore, the edge computing data is ready for the application; thereby enabling edge data to be more efficient and aligned with privacy and security needs.

About NXP Vehicle Network Processors

NXP S32G vehicle network processors support the needs of new vehicle architectures: service oriented gateways, vehicle computers, domain controllers, zone processors, security processors, and more. Processors help transform automotive OEMs into data-driven vehicle service providers with expanded business opportunities.

About Otonomo

Otonomo (Nasdaq: OTMO) powers a data ecosystem of OEMs, fleets and more than 100 service providers spanning the transportation, mobility and automotive industries. Our platform securely ingests over 4 billion data points per day globally from over 40 million vehicles registered on the platform and huge amounts of mobility demand data from sources multimodals, then remodels and enriches them, to accelerate the marketing of new services that improve the mobility and transport experience. We deliver deeper visibility and actionable insights to drive data-driven strategic decisions, taking the guesswork out of planning, deployment, and mobility and transportation operations. Privacy by design and neutrality are at the heart of our platform, which enables GDPR, CCPA and other solutions compliant with privacy regulations using both personal and aggregated data. Use cases include emergency services, mapping, traffic management, electric vehicle management, subscription services, micro-mobility, parking, predictive maintenance, insurance, media, on-board services and dozens of smart city solutions. Otonomo has an R&D center in Israel and a presence in the United States and Europe.

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