Project Etheric to launch atmospheric balloons near Atlanta on September 25



The balloons will collect data to help understand a strange and unusual reality.

US and UK, September 25, 2021 / – Project Etheric is the code name for the Meta-Center of Chicago’s atmospheric balloon launch campaign. Project Etheric will launch its next series of atmospheric balloons near Atlanta, Georgia on September 25, 2021. This event is free and open to the public, so those who wish to learn and participate are welcome.

Weather balloons, which are normally made from latex or synthetic rubber, are filled with hydrogen or helium. Interestingly, the sides of a weather balloon are about 0.051 millimeters thick before release, but can thin out to 0.0025 millimeters at typical burst altitudes. Balloons start about 6 feet wide before release, but can expand up to 20 feet in diameter! These balloons can rise to an altitude of about 24 miles or more, before bursting. The payload can land up to 75 miles away depending on the wind conditions at the launch site.

Instruments, such as the radiosonde, are attached to the balloon to measure pressure, temperature, and relative humidity as the balloon rises in the atmosphere. These instruments are designed to withstand extreme conditions while transmitting data to ground tracking equipment at set intervals. By following the position of the radiosonde, the wind speed and direction can be calculated.

Once the weather balloon has burst, the radiosonde drops slowly and safely to the ground using a parachute. Radiosondes usually contain a mailbag and instructions on what to do if members of the general public find one. Interestingly, about 20% of the radiosondes sent to the United States each year are found and returned. These instruments are normally repaired and reused.

Weather balloons are a primary source of above-ground data and provide valuable data for computer forecast models, local data for meteorologists, as well as data for research.

Project Etheric’s first set of atmospheric balloons launched on July 31, 2021 in New Lenox, Illinois. Images of the trip (from launch to recovery) are available on the Project Etheric website.

A third launch is scheduled for Arizona in mid-October. The Chicago-based community organization seeks to make STEM-related activities more accessible to the public to inspire young people and adults through hands-on projects that can help create the next scientists and engineers.

Each launch of Project Etheric will use more data capture equipment than the last to capture a wide variety of data (including audio and video). Over the past few years, the Chicago Meta-Center has had many public and private projects to perform a thesis. Rather, it’s about esp (extra-sensory perception), space, time, the intricacies of interspecies communication, commonly referred to as the Hundredth Monkey Effect, and much more. The Hundredth Monkey Effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea quickly spreads by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once critical members of a group exhibit the new behavior or the new idea. An example of this can be found on the widely separated Japanese islands, where herds of monkeys spontaneously acquired a new behavior (washing sand from food).

Project Manager Totukani Amen is a well-known metaphysicist, herbalist and engineer who has worked in many STEM-related fields for decades. Totukani Amen teaches others a myriad of topics, including more obscure ways of using math to infer solutions that may not have been easily known or achievable. He has published extensively and has dedicated his life to researching and understanding the bizarre and the unusual of what we call reality. Having hosted a multitude of events across the United States over the past two decades, Totukani Amen has shown others the intricacies of our shared reality.

“This project was not a unique endeavor. Special thanks to Marisela Arellano and Aneez Ali for their expert assistance, from content marketing to social engagement. The creativity put forward made everyone smile and excited for what was to come out, ”said Totukani Amen.

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