Pudu Robotics unveils New Era building delivery robot



High efficiency automotive building delivery service

An important focus of FlashBot is its ability to provide full digital management with a high efficiency automatic building delivery service. By simply setting up the operating instructions through the app, FlashBot can automatically call and take the elevator safely and in order without manual intervention, and remind customers to pick up food and packages by sending a message with the pickup code or by calling the customer directly. With the integrated stand-alone positioning and navigation system, delivery over multiple floors is now easier than ever.

Safe and reliable always first

As a new member of the Pudu Robotics robot series, FlashBot is equipped with three industry-leading integrated RGB-D camera sensors and custom SLAM lidar to avoid obstacles at depth, including 3D mapping and localization. , path planning, autonomous navigation, object recognition and people tracking functions, allowing the FlashBot to detect obstacles as low as 3 cm and obstacles suspended at a height of 70 cm from the ground, which makes it ideal for dynamic environments with many obstacles. In addition to this, through IoT technology and Pudu cloud computing with data transmission, empowering FlashBot has the strong ability and sensitive perception to recognize and get the precise navigation and positioning of the l ‘location to start a safe working tour and obtain reliable delivery service through buildings and floors.

Smooth motion with six-wheel independent suspension

The new self-leveling 6-wheel independent link suspension can adjust the damping according to different ground conditions so that the robot can always stay in an optimal stable state to move and navigate smoothly. Overcome 2cm high obstacles and 3.5cm wide gaps, providing 50% more running stability and mobility.

Cooperation of multiple robots for convenience

Powered by the PUDU Scheduler system, FlashBot can communicate directly with any Pudu robot in the same network. The PUDU Scheduler system also supports easy scheduling of 20 robots to work together.

Battery powered with automatic charging

FlashBot automatically provides a voice alert and UI notification when the battery is low and simultaneously returns to the docking station. Ultra-long battery life, with a capacity of 15.6Ah on a single charge, it can last up to 12 hours.

Modular adjustable compartment

The multifunctional compartment maximizes the use of space, allowing the FlashBot to multitask with just one click. The compartment has a UV germicidal lamp that offers a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%.

As a pioneer and industry leader in the robotics market, Pudu Robotics was proud to provide innovative technology and cutting edge performance with FlashBot for building delivery service. Felix Zhang, founder of the company, said, “We are committed to the ‘spirit of invention’ with the aim of using robots to improve the efficiency of production and human life. With the most advanced technology and a powerful engine of innovation, we will continue to develop practical robotic solutions that bring intelligent life into people’s lives. ”

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About Pudu Robotics

Shenzhen-based and founded in 2016, Pudu Robotics is a leading technology company dedicated to the design, R&D, production and sale of commercial service robots, which aims to use robots to improve the efficiency of production and human life. Pudu Robotics has grown rapidly in recent years to become a “leader” in global markets with coverage of over 60 countries and regions around the world.

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