Pure VPN partners with Samsung to create a safer online world

One of the best VPN services around, PureVPN has partnered with Samsung Electronics to build a safer online world together.

The plan is to integrate Enhanced Privacy Protection (EPP) technology into Samsung’s Secure Wi-Fi feature.

Hiding user identity and traffic, it will add a layer of anonymity to protect against online threats, manipulation and misuse.

The next level of mobile data security

“We are proud to partner with Samsung at a time of increasing emphasis on digital security and privacy on a global scale. These are the absolute rights of all internet users and we are pleased that Samsung lead the way in the mobile device space,” said PureVPN VP Bilal Saleem Khan.

A leading VPN provider with over 15 years of experience in the security software industry, PureVPN strives to keep pace with an ever-changing online world.

That’s why, a few months ago, it already became the first provider to add quantum-strength encryption keys to its VPN.

Now, through its partnership with Samsung, PureVPN wants to take smartphone data security to the next level.

While Samsung’s Secure Wi-Fi was first announced in 2017, PureVPN’s Enhanced Privacy Protection (EPP) integration will add an extra layer of encryption to secure mobile user data and strengthen their privacy online.

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