Rahul Gandhi hopes Twitter will act against hate speech, praises Musk

On Saturday, Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi sent a congratulatory message to Elon Musk on his Twitter takeover.

In a cryptic tweet, Rahul Gandhi showed alleged Twitter follower manipulation data in an image he attached to the congratulatory message to Elon Musk.

“Congratulations @elonmusk. I hope @Twitter will now act against hate speech, check facts more forcefully and no longer stifle the voice of opposition in India due to government pressure,” Gandhi tweeted. .

Last year, in December, Rahul Gandhi alleged that the number of his followers on the micro-blogging site Twitter was restricted.

The Congress party in March raised the issue again and said subsequent gains in followers prove that the earlier tally freeze “was driven by outside influence.”

In a letter to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal on December 27, the MP for Wayanad said, “I believe Twitter is unwittingly complicit in the restriction of freedom of expression in India.”

Stating that his followers have been virtually frozen since August 2021 when his account was briefly locked, the Congress leader said that previously he was gaining new followers at the rate of over 2.3 lakh per month which was even increased to 6.5 lakh in some months.

He also shared an analysis of data from his Twitter account, showing that the number of followers, which then stood at 19.6 million, had hardly increased for several months.

Speaking of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, he closed the $44 billion Twitter deal on Thursday night and acquired the microblogging platform.

Shortly after, he revealed that he would soon be forming a Content Moderation Council for Twitter which is sure to have diverse views.

The board will be responsible for all major content-related decisions and no account reinstatements will be made until the board meets.

The Tesla and Space X owner is expected to remain CEO of Twitter in the interim, but could potentially step down in the longer-term role, according to media reports.

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