Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation awards $ 1,082,000 in grants to benefit SMH



The Côte des Dons

The Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation recently awarded three grants totaling over $ 1 million to the Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. These grants will help SMH purchase a pharmaceutical robotics system, implement a clinical trial management system for the Women’s Cancer Care Program, and expand the RENEW Wellness Program to the community. $ 845,000 was awarded to help renovate the SMH-Sarasota Pharmacy and purchase an automated pharmacy storage system and software. The fully automated medication storage and retrieval system creates efficiencies that reduce the time pharmacy staff spend locating and verifying medications, and increasing the time they can devote to patient care. $ 120,000 was provided to the Women’s Cancer Care program to implement a clinical trial management system for active studies conducted by the SMH clinical research team. The real-time clinical trial management system provides the tools and accessibility to cover all areas of trial data research and storage.

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