SD Times News Summary: JetBrains Launches DataSpell, an IDE for Data Scientists, Firefox 92 Released, Apache’s Weekly Summary



JetBrains announced a new Dedicated IDE for Data Science as part of the Early Access Program.

DataSpell offers a A productive development environment for data science professionals who actively participate in exploratory data analysis and prototyping machine learning models.

The IDE offers native support for Jupyter notebooks and provides an improved experience over traditional Jupyter notebooks. It also allows users to switch between Command mode and Editor mode for easier manipulation of cells and their contents.

Firefox 92 is out

The new version of Firefox 92 offers more secure connections, offering many new features and fixes.

Firefox can now upgrade using HTTPS RR as Alt-Svc headers, full color levels are now supported for video playback on many systems, Mac users can now access macOS sharing options from from Firefox’s File menu and support images containing ICC v4 profiles is enabled on macOS.

In terms of fixes, Firefox performance with screen readers and other accessibility tools is no longer severely degraded if Mozilla Thunderbird is installed or updated after Firefox. An alert opened in one tab no longer causes performance issues in other tabs that use the same process.

Further details are available here.

Apache weekly review

This week at the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Apache DrillTM v1.19 Milestone Release, the schema-less big data SQL query engine for Apache Hadoop, NoSQL, and cloud storage.

Other new releases include Qpid Broker-J 8.0.6, Proton-J 0.33.9, Hudi 0.9.0, Tika 2.1.0, Commons DBCP 2.9.0, and Tomcat Native 1.2.31.

Three issues were fixed in Apache Zeppelin, including a bash command injection in the Spark interpreter, bypassing notepad permissions, and cross-site scripting in the markdown interpreter.

Further details are available here.


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