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Business owners are constantly looking for ways to strengthen their security, and for good reason. Whether it’s obnoxious spam calls trying to offer fraudulent services or fake customers scamming small businesses out of money, it’s critical to confirm the identity of anyone who interacts with your business. One of the best ways to do this is to use a phone search service. Phone tracing services offer a unique set of tools that can help protect your business, customers, and personal information from scammers.

What is a phone search service?

Phone lookup services provide a way to find the phone number of almost any person or individual. These numbers can come from unknown callers, potential business partners, or any other source. The information provided by a phone search, also known as a reverse phone search, often includes:

  • Full legal name of person or company
  • Current address and past addresses with area code
  • Photos of current residence or business
  • Phone type the call was made from

A phone lookup can be extremely useful when you need to confirm a caller’s identity or verify that a number isn’t fake. You can also know the data associated with a number for which you have no other information. For example, if you write down an important phone number but fail to add the name of the owner of the phone, you risk losing potential business opportunities. There are a number of other ways phone searches can help your business, from saving time to keeping your business safe.

6 ways to secure your business with phone tracing services

1. Stop stalkers and spammers from filling queues

Spam calls have skyrocketed over the past two years, with spammers constantly filling phone queues and clogging lines. Often these calls can come from a variety of unrecognized numbers, but if spammers have access to spoofing technology, the phone numbers they use may even seem familiar. With a phone search, you can identify the source of each of these numbers to confirm if they are legitimate. Once you find the source, if you want the calls to stop, you will have all the information you need to do so.

Ending unwanted calls is not only a great way to secure your business, but also to save money. Employees who are forced to answer call after call will naturally be less productive and will spend much of their time battling those annoying spammers. With a phone search, you can identify these spammers and find their real phone numbers. This allows you to permanently block this number and allow your employees to get back to working on more important tasks.

2. Discover the true identity of potential customers and partners

It’s always important to do your due diligence when making a deal, and perhaps the best lead you have on someone’s true identity is their phone number. If you receive a call from a company trying to establish a connection with your business, a phone search can be a great tool to confirm that the company is legitimate.

It can also help verify the identity of potential customers, who may provide one name but use another entirely. It is not difficult to provide a false name and false information, but it is much more difficult to avoid discovering it by carrying out a search in the public archives. Even if a customer uses a fake phone number, a phone lookup will let you know. This way, although you don’t have more information about the person, you will still be able to determine that they are not trustworthy and deny them service.

3. Check if your business phone number was part of a breach

A phone lookup can also help you see if your phone has been part of a data breach. Disclosed phone numbers can be used by spoofers and fraudulent callers to impersonate your business. This can put your customers and employees at risk of being scammed because they will believe the call is coming from an official company line.

Scammers have been known to ask for sensitive business name information or customer payment details, resulting in lost revenue and reduced trust in your brand. Your employees could also lose their personal data, which could expose them to ransomware scams. With ransomware, crooks can use this personal data as leverage to trick employees into divulging privileged information such as login credentials and account details.

4. Legally collect essential information

When it comes to protecting your business, it can be tempting to take every available step to find the information you need. Unfortunately, many data recovery avenues can circumvent the legality and may violate the privacy rights of the person or business you are looking for. With a reputable phone tracing service, you can be sure that any activity taking place is 100% legal. This way you can get the data you need without worrying that you have engaged in illegal behavior.

5. Block unwanted calls

It’s not just spam and scams that can be unwanted; there are a number of callers you may not want to talk to, and a phone search can help you determine their true identities. These could be former business partners, disgruntled ex-employees, or customers dissatisfied with your service. Bullying can be a mentally taxing experience, and no one should have to put up with it. With a phone search, you can quickly detect the perpetrators of this harassment and block their numbers from calling any of your work or personal lines.

6. Conduct better demographic research

Since phone tracing services offer information from public records, you can gather better data about current and potential customers. This can help you avoid riskier segments of the population, such as those with criminal records.

You can also help your business thrive by having access to higher quality research. With information about the companies these customers work for, you can customize your locations or services to meet their needs. You can also find social media accounts more easily, which can help you see the types of interests your customer base has. This can help you develop new types of products or services that cater to those interests, helping you increase your customer base and eventually your overall profits.

Phone tracing services: add security while increasing your profits

A phone search, although seemingly a simple search tool, can dramatically improve your company’s ability to protect its assets. Whether you want to reduce the time wasted answering unwanted phone calls, ensure the data you provide will only go to trusted customers, or check to see if your phone number has been breached, phone tracing services are here to help.

Not only can they help you secure your business, but these tools can directly increase your profit margins. By using the information you gather from phone research, you can get better customers with a proven track record of on-time payment and reliable practices. You can also vet potential business partners to ensure that any transaction you engage in is lucrative for all parties involved. For the small price it costs, a phone search service might be just what you need to increase your efficiency and start generating more tangible revenue.

Ben is a web operations manager at InfoTracer who has an overview of the entire system. The author’s guide to the entire security posture, both physical and cyber.

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