Sequitur Labs Launches Turnkey Solution to Simplify Protection of Edge AI Models Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Sequitur Labs today announced a new version of its EmSPARK™ security suite for the NVIDIA Jetson™ edge AI platform, including a generally available development kit and prebuilt trusted applications that provide security functionality robustness and functions needed to protect AI models at the edge.

Expanding Sequitur support for the NVIDIA Jetson platform, the latest release includes new trusted application support tools for protecting AI models on edge devices, and a key assessment image in hand that can be implemented on the Jetson platform for development and integration. This new version works in concert with the NVIDIA JetPack™ SDK, including support for the latest version (JetPack 4.6).

NVIDIA Jetson is the world’s leading platform for autonomous machines, robotics and other embedded applications with more than 850,000 developers. With pre-trained AI models, developer SDKs, and support for cloud-native technologies across the Jetson portfolio, smart machine makers and AI developers can build and deploy software-defined functionality high quality on in-vehicle and peripheral devices. Cloud-native support helps manufacturers and developers implement frequent enhancements, improve accuracy, and utilize the latest features with Jetson-based AI devices.

NVIDIA JetPack comes with the NVIDIA container runtime and a full Linux software development environment. This allows developers to bundle their applications for Jetson with all of its dependencies into a single container designed to work in any deployment. And it’s powered by the same NVIDIA CUDA-X™ accelerated computing stack used to create breakthrough AI products in areas like robotics, industrial IoT, healthcare, smart cities, and more.

JetPack provides the tools needed to start developing industry-leading application features and functions. However, manufacturers have yet to develop their own production-grade Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and applications for cryptography, key management, storage, cloud integration, and AI model protection. Sequitur provides it all, pre-built for NVIDIA Jetson, along with the EmSPARK security suite and EmPOWER™ lifecycle management platform.

Sequitur Labs’ EmSPARK Security Suite is designed to address solutions in industries where integrated security is paramount, especially the protection of AI models at the edge. Supporting security functions for encryption, storage, data transmission, and key/certificate management are provided by EmSPARK and housed in the secure memory partition of a microprocessor. IoT hardware manufacturers use EmSPARK to easily implement device-level security by addressing technical, IP, supply chain, and business process challenges. Developers can build applications that use secure resources without having to become experts in cryptography and complex chip-level security technologies.

“Building a version of EmSPARK for the NVIDIA Jetson platform is part of our commitment to providing a full suite of tools to protect AI models on edge devices,” said Philip Attfield, co- founder and CEO of Sequitur Labs. “With this release, you can access the latest testing software with all the documentation and tools you need. It’s a turnkey solution and it’s easier than ever to quickly integrate tools for securing devices and protecting AI models on the Jetson platform.

Sequitur Labs is a preferred partner of NVIDIA. In addition to the latest version supporting the NVIDIA JetPack SDK, Sequitur Labs supports the Jetson Nano™, Jetson TX2, Jetson Xavier™ NX, Jetson AGX Xavier™. Additional information on how Sequitur Labs works with NVIDIA architectures to help protect AI/ML models at the edge is available at

About Sequitur Labs

Sequitur Labs, named one of the top ten IoT market players by ABI Research, develops breakthrough technologies to improve trust in a connected world, reducing the cost and complexity of building secure embedded and IoT devices. Sequitur’s products cover a range of disciplines required for trusted computing, from startup to the full device lifecycle. Sequitur’s security solutions deliver real business value to device manufacturers, such as reducing BoM costs, protecting revenue by thwarting IP theft, improving product reliability, and reducing accountability, and improving device lifecycle management processes. To learn more about the Sequitur Labs Security Platform, visit us at or send an email.


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