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Mumbai: Swedish music streaming company Spotify launched Sound Up in India on Monday to boost underrepresented female podcast makers in the country.

Sound Up is a global program created to identify under-represented communities and enables participants to hone their podcasting skills through training, mentoring, workshops and full program support provided by the audio streaming platform.

In India, Spotify will focus on women as an under-represented community, hoping to bring more female talent into India’s thriving audio ecosystem, the company said.

“Since its launch in 2018, Sound Up has successfully supported the voices of under-represented communities in an effort to tackle inequality. The program seeks to identify opportunities for new talent, and we look forward to finding and representing unique storytellers from India. Ultimately, we want to create a cascading effect where as we support more women, they in turn act as role models and allow other women in their network to compose the female voice in the audio industry, ”said Natalie Tulloch, Global Lead-Sound Up at Spotify, in a statement.

“And to ensure that everyone has equal access to resources and technology, Spotify will provide computers, internet access and podcast recording equipment to Sound Up attendees,” she added.

The India Sound Up program will begin with four weeks of virtual Sound Up sessions comprising scheduled live lessons, recorded lessons, one-on-one meetings with the Spotify team and facilitators, and light homework. Eight weeks after the end of the virtual classes, participants will submit a final trailer and pitch proposal for the option of being selected to attend subsequent Sound Up sessions in 2022.

Interested candidates can apply online until July 26. The program is free and open to Indian residents who identify as female and are over 18 years of age. After July 26, 10 finalists will be chosen to participate in the program later this year.

Anyone who aspires to podcasting with a great idea is welcome and, if selected, will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field on initial ideation, storytelling and interviews, as well as ‘editing and producing podcasts,’ the company said. in the declaration.

The hosts of Sound Up in India include Mae Mariyam Thomas, renowned radio host, journalist, podcast producer and audio content and production consultant, and Riya Mukherjee, eminent writer, producer and creator of original content.

Globally, the program has created opportunities for both amateur and professional podcasters. In 2021, the program has expanded to 14 countries, allowing Spotify to support more than 140 additional emerging creators this year alone.

In the past, Sound Up has been offered to women and people of non-binary color in the US, UK, Ireland and Sweden; young people of color from Periferias in Brazil and members of the LGBTIQA + community in Germany.

Sound Up is one of the many steps Spotify is taking to support and strengthen equity for women in the audio industry.

Earlier this year, Spotify launched AmplifiHer in India, a sustained initiative that includes women through music and podcasts, inspiring future talent through their own career paths and stories of success and failure, and EQUAL, which caters to female artists and podcasters, featuring them prominently on the platform.


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