Study Reveals Amount Of Resources You Need To Acquire A New Apple Smartphone, In India And The Philippines It May Take Up To 7 Work Weeks To Buy A New iPhone / Digital Information World


Apple has been the trademark for technology in the United States and around the world for nearly a decade, and has made its mark in mobile phone technology with the release of its biannual flagship, the iPhone. By recently launching the iPhone 13 and its additional versions named iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max, Apple has decided to touch new frontiers and with as many countries as possible.

The US selling price is roughly $ 1,000 for the base version, provision of taxes, and collection of feature advancement. However, the situation is not the same everywhere in the world, as an iPhone worth $ 1,000 can increase by up to 200% at an estimated cost of $ 2,100 in many countries, as indicated. a Money Supermarket report for the time and money it costs for new iPhones to reach countries where it is not considered a necessity but still an inconvenient luxury with taxes, customs and the customs clearance paving the way for at least 3 months of waiting since the purchase to get your hands on the device.

However, in some countries the price of the iPhone is lower than the US as the base, but it is associated with low wages and works as or harder than anywhere else to make money to buy one. iPhone. The report presents the findings in an extremely comprehensive manner and draws on the facts of the scope.

Previous research regarding the proportion of the average salary and the amount worked, Brazil emerged as the most difficult to buy because it takes an average bet to go around 86 days to get an iPhone costing around $ 1,500 for the individual. . However, new research indicates that even though the iPhone is cheaper by around $ 500 at a price of $ 1,025 in the Philippines, it is still more difficult than Brazil for an average bet to buy Apple’s flagship phone. because the person should be working almost around. 100 hours to buy the basic phone only.

In India and the Philippines, buying a new iPhone can take up to seven weeks.

Topping the list was Hong Kong, where an average bet can get the $ 827 iPhone within 7 days of winning. With every city, country and region lying in the middle, it’s no surprise that many go into these businesses for more than six to seven months just to get the iPhone because with an average salary, they have to assimilate their own good. -be, therefore double or triple the time needed to buy the iPhone.

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