Technical Review – Vonmählen High Six – The Most Compact 6-in-1 Fast Charging Cable

We have seen many similar attempts for a product like this before and well some have worked and some not and this one works for several reasons and reduces the need to carry extra cables with you when it does in one. and several and not only that it has a bottle opener built into the sturdy stainless steel housing. Also note that this is a pre-release unit and the following should be noted.

The cable is too tight in the stainless steel case causing it to scratch when you remove it from the case. It will be loose

There are still small gaps when the adapters are connected to the cable and USB A adapter. The gap will be reduced considerably.

The stainless steel case is brighter than we would like. The final color will be slightly more matte, which will also change the appearance of the final color of the product.

The Rose Gold cable should be adjusted so that the color of the cable and adapters are consistent.

The aesthetics of the magnet will be improved: The magnet will be less shiny, and there will be no visible glue.

Lightning adapter speed and data transmission are not working as expected. This will be improved to our expected specifications before moving to mass production

The size of the USB-A port will be adjusted because it is too tight in the ports, causing scratches after normal use. The size of the USB-A adapter will be adjusted.

High Six Offers

  • Data and charging cable with fast charging capabilities (up to 60 watts) for your keychain.
  • USB-C to USB-C connector
  • Includes additional connectors for USB-A, micro-USB and Lightning
  • Stainless steel case doubles as a bottle opener
  • 480 Mbps data transfer rate
  • Compact size of 12 x 16.5 x 61mm
  • Weight: 16.5 grams
  • Available in three different colors: Black, rose gold and silver

Charging speeds are

  • USB – C to USB – C = PD 60W 3A
  • USB – C to Micro – USB = 2.4A
  • USB – C to Lightning = 2.4 A
  • USB – A to USB – C = PD 60W 3A
  • USB – A to Micro – USB = 2.4

Who is it for

Well anyone really and especially the one who travels bringing multiple cables is a pain and you often misplace them, also with other similar products that I have tried before you certainly misplace the little end caps but this has magnets and you can put the end caps on it which is really cool.

If you have more than one product, this is also ideal as you can charge just about anything except micro-usb products which are rare, but there is still a lot of technology on the market. and also the technology we use today.

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