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While an expert opinion criticizes “spyware against students” in the supervision of online digital exams, the EU climate package is also criticized for its phasing out of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, many civil rights organizations have agreed on a “People’s Declaration” and call for an end to “manipulative machines” on the Internet.

Twitter is shutting down its self-destructive tweets called “Fleets,” but Windows 365 has just been announced. Microsoft’s cloud-based operating system has nothing to fear from the REvil gang of cybercriminals, as they have vanished from the scene. The Facebook satellite team has not disappeared, has just found a new employer. It was picked up by Amazon and is now working on the Kuiper Project – a brief rundown of the most important posts.

the digital online exam supervisor with what we call Monitoring software takes place in a legal gray area. It is more than unlikely that such a monitoring program could even meet data protection and computer security requirements, concludes the Spyware Against Students report. As a result, the fundamental rights of students are under the wheels.

Internal combustion engine cars are also falling under the wheels of EU mills, as they want 12 legislative initiatives European Commission to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 and from 2035, only authorize locally emission-free cars. However, there are criticisms of phasing out fossil fuels. The EU climate package is a turning point for the auto industry, but a historic opportunity has been missed.

Historically, you can do that too Alliance of 35 civil rights organizations describe. These require that Technology at the service of people must and must not endanger social cohesion and democracy. Facebook, Google & Co. should stop their “destructive business model”, European law could be the lever. In the “People’s Declaration”, the alliance calls for the end of the “manipulation machine” in the network.

Already Twitter will end its fleets, which were not introduced until fall 2020. These tweets, which are automatically self-destructing after 24 hours, should attract more active posts from users who previously held back on Twitter. Contrary to expectations, they did not bring in any additional followers or tweets. Tweets with an expiration date don’t appeal to anyone.

More users also want Microsoft lure with Windows 365. With this release, Microsoft is moving the operating system “including applications, data and settings” from the local PC to the data center. The offer is aimed at business customers who want a Virtual “cloud PC” Can be configured on all possible devices, because with Windows 365, Microsoft’s operating system migrates to the cloud.

Windows 365 probably has it there nothing to fear from the REvil gang, one of the leading cybercrime organizations. It wasn’t until June that they squeezed 11 million Bitcoin ransoms from the world’s largest meat company, JBS. Over the past few weeks, they have hijacked the data of more than a thousand companies with a supply chain attack and claimed 70 million. But suddenly it’s silence and your servers are no longer reachable. The REvil cybercriminal gang has disappeared from the scene.

The Facebook satellite team, on the other hand, did not disappear, but was sold to Amazon. Amazon integrates Facebook experts into its Kuiper project, which is supposed to allow Internet access even in remote areas thanks to thousands of small satellites. This is to do with SpaceX and its Starlink satellite internet competition after Amazon bolstered its Kuiper project with Facebook’s satellite team.

Also important:

  • The German premiere of the play will take place on Thursday at the Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich Brian’s life given after the Monty Python movie of the same name.
  • Exactly 50 years ago today, US President Richard Nixon announced the resumption of diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China and its break with the Republic of China, better known as Taiwan.


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