Top 10 AI Super Abilities That Will Destroy Humans In The Future

by Sayantani Sanyal

March 20, 2022

AI super abilities could also prove fatal to human beings in the future, resulting in the loss of lives

As AI systems are proving increasingly beneficial to real-world applications, they have extended their reach to such an extent that humans are abusing, misusing, and explicitly abusing them. The inherent capability of existing AI systems increases as they are integrated into the fully societal infrastructure, indicating that the implications of losing conscious control become even more concerning. With each passing day, humans are surrounded by robots. This revolution has scared many technology analysts and AI critics. In the real world, artificial intelligence is developing in multiple directions at an astonishing speed, and these AI super abilities could initially prove fatal to humans. There are many areas where the dangers of AI need to be discussed, and its repercussions need to be anticipated and managed in the future. In this article, we have listed the best AI super abilities that can prove fatal to humans in the future.

Job losses triggered by automation

Task automation is generally seen as one of the most immediate concerns in the face of rapid advances in AI. This question is no longer limited to whether or not AI will replace certain jobs, but to what extent will it lead to job losses among humans. Automating jobs will lead to high unemployment among professionals who are not as tech-focused. As AI robots become smarter, the same tasks will require less human labor.

Privacy breach

After the integration of AI into some of the most crucial technological algorithms, it has become quite easy to track and analyze every movement of an individual online and offline as well. Cameras are almost everywhere, and with the help of advanced facial recognition software, your trackers know exactly where you are.

Autonomous weapons

Autonomous weapons or “killer robots” are military robots that can search for their targets and aim independently according to pre-programmed instructions. Almost every technologically advanced country in the world is developing autonomous war robots that will replace human soldiers. But there are many dangers in owning these weapons. The most important question that arises in this case is who will be responsible for these AI robots going rogue and committing heinous crimes that can lead to the loss of human life?

Wrong wrong

Malicious individuals and criminals sometimes use deepfake technology to inspire misunderstanding, fear or disgust. Deepfakes can be used to spread misinformation, create false narratives of people, and can also generate a specific public image of the topic, which can physically and mentally harm an individual.

AI Terrorism

Although AI can contribute immensely to the national security of a country, it can also effectively help terrorists to carry out terrorist attacks. Several terrorist agencies use drones to carry out attacks and monitor the actions of soldiers across the border. If thousands of drones were launched together and programmed to kill certain types of people, it can be called a “technology-driven attack”.

Widening socio-economic inequalities due to AI bias

Another cause for concern is the growing socio-economic inequality caused by the loss of jobs due to AI. Currently, only predictive and repetitive job types are likely to be supported by AI, but research and surveys have proven that the criteria may expand further in the future. Thus, employees working in departments that are significantly less fit are less likely to receive retraining orders than those working in higher-level positions.

Manipulation of social networks

Social media manipulation can be quite effective in targeting marketing and being influenced by autonomous algorithms, quite easily. By delivering propaganda to selected groups of individuals through algorithms and personal data, the AI ​​can target and deliver whatever information it will be designed to convey, without any user intervention or filter. .

Superhuman AI

It may sound a lot like the sci-fi piece, The Terminator, but with the growing advancement of autonomous weapons of war, it’s highly likely that in a few years there will be an evil-looking autonomous robot programmed to kill the enemies, but what if it is unable to effectively identify humans or hacked? Well, currently superhuman AI systems are sort of a myth, but how long will that remain a myth?

AI bias

It is quite unfortunate that human beings in the 21st century are still fighting over religion, gender and nationalities. This bias can also be built into artificial intelligence systems due to erroneous data generated by human beings. The only way to solve this problem is manual deletion of unnecessary data by AI developers.

Destabilize the stock market

Several experts believe that the emergence of algorithmic trading could lead to a major financial collapse. Algorithmic trading involves high-frequency, high-value transactions that can eventually lead to extreme market volatility. This type of trading disregards human logic and emotion and still plays a crucial role in financial markets.

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