Twitch confirms the data breach; AppLovin acquires MoPub


In today’s ExchangeWire news summary: Twitch announces that they have been the victim of a data breach; Twitter has reached a deal with AppLovin to sell MoPub; and Paddle offered the first alternative payment method to Apple users.

Twitch confirms 125 GB data breach

U.S. live streaming service Twitch announced on Wednesday October 6 that they were
victims of a data breach, with over 100 GB of data shared online. The hacker remains anonymous but claims to have disclosed information relating to the company’s source code, the salaries of content creators and unreleased games. According to reports, a 125 GB torrent link (meta information file) was posted on 4chan by the anonymous hacker who claimed the breach was intended to “foster more disruption and competition in the streaming space. online video ”.

In a statement released early Friday (October 7) morning, the platform owned by Amazon blamed “an error” in a change in server configuration. Twitch was quick to reassure users that there was “no indication that login credentials were exposed”, however, investigations are still ongoing.

Joe Tidy, a BBC cyber journalist, described the leak as one of the “biggest” data breaches he had seen. He adds, “Twitch fiercely keeps operational details like the pricing of its streamers, so it seems extremely embarrassing for the company.”

This data breach accompanies the recent news that Facebook suffered a six-hour social media outage on Monday, October 4, also accusing a “bug” in their configuration system. Facebook wrote in a blog post that this “failure” is a learning curve, a process that is already underway. This issue will add to the list of events social media has come across in recent weeks.

AppLovin acquires MoPub in US $ 1 billion deal

tameTwitter announced on Wednesday (October 6) that they have entered into a deal with the mobile technology platform AppLovin to sell MoPub. The monetization solutions provider was sold for US $ 1.05 billion in a deal that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey describes as a deal that “increases our focus and demonstrates confidence in our sheet. income route ”. The news was published in a press release, expressing that “Twitter believes that AppLovin is well positioned to develop and evolve MoPub’s customer network.” MoPub was previously acquired by Twitter for US $ 350 million in 2013.

The move comes after AppLovin recently went public in April, and have acquired half a dozen mobile ad technology platforms in recent years, including Adjust for US $ 1 billion. The marketing software company commented, “Combining the best of MoPub with our AppLovin software platform is beneficial to both our customers and partners, thereby enhancing the growth of the broader mobile application ecosystem.” They hope this acquisition will continue the transition to in-app bidding, a process that is increasing as it allows advertisers to compete in real time for impressions.

Paddle offers the first alternative payment method

paddlePaddle announced the launch of Paddle In-App Purchase, the first alternative payment method for Apple users. The new service will go live on December 7, at the same time as the court ruling against Apple’s payment restrictions goes into effect. This move could lead to an increase in the number of companies following in the footsteps of the revenue platform.

The news comes after Apple was forced to allow app developers to offer alternative payment methods in a judgment of September 10. The demands imposed by a federal judge partially concluded a lawsuit against Epic Games, after the iPhone maker sued the tech giant for blocking them from the App Store for providing users with alternative payment options.

Paddle In-App Purchase has a user interface with an appearance similar to Apple’s in-app purchase system (IAP). Once the user has chosen this payment method, they will be directed to the Paddle site where they can decide to pay with a range of options including a credit card, Apple Pay and PayPal.

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