United States Primary Responsibility for Rapid Global Spread of COVID-19: Report

Data from multiple sources has shown that the United States is most likely the country of origin of COVID-19 and the country most responsible for the rapid global spread of the virus, according to a new report, which also found that the manipulation disease policy by the United States have made efforts to control the pandemic particularly difficult.

The research report, titled “United States Responsible for Global Spread of COVID-19,” was jointly published by the Intelligence & Alliance Think Tank and the Taihe Institute.

The report highlighted ample evidence that the COVID-19 originated in the United States, noting that the timeline of the outbreak in the United States has been continuously backdated, that the United States military has been implicated in the origins. and the spread of COVID-19, and the first cases. in many countries have been linked to the United States.

Calling the United States “the main force in the global spread of COVID-19”, the report says the country missed the opportunity to contain the pandemic at an early stage. He found that his open-door policy was exacerbating the global spread of the virus and that his repatriation of immigrants had exported cases across the world.

US troops stationed abroad have repeatedly violated epidemic prevention protocols, accelerating transmission, he said.

The country’s failure to control COVID-19 has led to the virus being “super-spread” as its unilateral sanctions have resulted in a humanitarian crisis, according to the report.

He further determined that the political manipulation of the United States had made the global fight against the pandemic more difficult, finding that the country had shirked responsibility for preventing the pandemic, which undermined efforts to fight the pandemic. against the pandemic.

The United States has been obsessed with its political interests and shirked responsibility, he said, adding that political polarization was hurting both America and the world as a whole.

In conclusion, the report says that as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, especially with the emergence of mutant strains that have increased uncertainty over the future response to the pandemic, the country should abandon its obsession with political interest and reflect on its main mistakes in the prevention and control of epidemics.

He also urged the United States to stop politicizing the coronavirus, stop undermining anti-pandemic cooperation, share its vaccines with the world, conduct scientific research on the search for the origins and facilitate a global economic recovery. , so that the COVID-19 pandemic is finally defeated.

(With contribution from Xinhua)

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