Urjanet Launches Utility Cloud to Improve Automation and Utility Data Storage


This scalable platform gives enterprises and software vendors the visibility needed for accurate sustainability reporting and simplifies business processes surrounding utility data.

ATLANTA, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Urjanet, Inc.the leader in utility data aggregation, recently announced the launch of its new flagship platform, Utility Cloud, a utility data solution that provides simplified and automated access to authenticated utility account information .

Accessing, organizing, and aggregating quality utility data continues to be a challenge for many businesses. Urjanet has been helping businesses overcome this challenge for years by providing utility bill data in a standardized format. Utility Cloud development builds on this capability and provides new functionality.

With the launch of Utility Cloud, Urjanet connects thousands of business and residential utility accounts around the world into a single solution. This universal access to utility data provides sustainability reports, energy consumption, utility bill data and on-demand bill images, enabling businesses to become more efficient, reduce energy costs and aggregate quality data for ESG reporting. Ultimately, on-demand access to this information will enable companies to meet their environmental reporting and energy management goals.

“We are always evaluating how we can provide a better solution to our customers. With Utility Cloud, we have developed a solution that allows Urjanet to continue to adapt as the market changes and our customers’ needs change,” said Sanjoy Malik, CEO of Urjanet. “Going forward, our customers’ data will be available on-demand in a central location, making it even easier to access their utility data. This one-of-a-kind platform will help organizations streamline the highly manual and costly business processes associated with organizing invoices from around the world. »

“As a Certified Partner of Urjanet, Urjanet’s data service has been essential in helping our customers accurately measure their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability and zero emissions goals,” said Syed Huda, Director technology at EnergyWatch. “With the revolutionary technology of the Utility Cloud platform, we now have the ability to further automate the aggregation of this utility data and deliver more accurate and personalized sustainability and carbon reports, freeing up effectively the ability to meet current sustainability reporting standards. Utility Cloud enables our clients to produce stronger ESG reports, drive higher returns, build brand reputation and, most importantly, fuel long-term sustainability.

Utility Cloud is an API platform capable of delivering the meter-level usage and expense data businesses need for energy savings, sustainability efforts, and ESG reporting. Currently, many companies manually collect this information from multiple disparate sources, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

“Many companies still rely on manual data processing for their day-to-day sustainability, energy, and bill-paying businesses. Too often this means late data, bad data and unnecessary expense,” said Ed English, Chief Product Officer of Urjanet. “Businesses of all types deserve a better solution, and Utility Cloud provides it.”

About Urjanet
Founded in 2010, Urjanet is the world’s leading utility data aggregator, providing data from nearly 10,000 utility, telecommunications and cable providers in 52 countries. Utility data solves global challenges, from reporting on sustainability and energy management for responsible climate action to managing utility bills, and even financial services challenges for the underbanked. Urjanet’s cloud platform, Utility Cloud, offers businesses of all kinds a secure and scalable way to access credential-based data. To learn more, visit urjanet.com.

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