US SEC Allows API Access to Financial Disclosure Data



APIs aggregate financial statement data and make business disclosures faster and easier to use for developers and third-party services

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced open data enhancements that allow the public to access financial statements and other information reported by publicly traded companies on its system of collection, analysis and reporting. electronic data recovery (EDGAR).

The SEC for the first time publishes APIs that aggregate financial statement data, making corporate disclosures faster and easier to use for developers and third-party services. The APIs will allow developers to build web or mobile applications that directly serve retail investors, the SEC said.

“These new APIs make important information about public enterprises more accessible and usable than ever before,” said Jed Hickman, director of the EDGAR business office. “This marks another important milestone in the SEC’s continued efforts to facilitate innovation and make financial disclosure data accessible to all market participants. “

The free APIs provide access to EDGAR submission history per registrant as well as XBRL financial statement data, including annual and quarterly reports and a number of forms. The SEC plans to add more data sets in the future.

The SEC will update APIs in real time throughout the day as EDGAR submissions are made public. In addition, a bulk ZIP file is updated and republished every night, to allow simultaneous download of all API data.

The API documentation page is here.


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