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Summary: The native Windows 10 Photos app has photo editing capabilities and can also be used to perform simple video edits. While it is ideal for basic video editing, sometimes it tends to get slow when exporting videos, if the video has too many edits. After taking a deep dive into the issue, we found some viable fixes in this article.

Windows 10’s Photos app is more than just a photo viewer. It is possible to edit photos and make basic videos with this app. Although you cannot use this software for professional video editing, it can certainly be used for basic video editing like cutting, adding or removing audio and compressing video.

After making changes to a video, it is natural for you to export the final result and save it to the desired location. Although the Photos app is very handy for video editing, sometimes it throws an error if the video is too long or if you have made too many edits. In such cases, saving files may take a long time or even get stuck while exporting videos.

If you are facing a similar problem, this article will help you solve it with a few simple solutions.

How do I resolve the “Windows 10 video editor will not export” error?

When you’ve spent hours editing a video file just to deal with errors while exporting, you might be tempted to give up the task altogether. However, we urge you to try these tips to resolve the issue first.

1. Use alternative program to export video files

If you’re having trouble with Windows 10 Photo app, it’s time to switch to another app for your video editing and exporting needs. You can try a program like Adobe Premiere Pro. This software is an industry standard in video editing and its versatility to supported file formats allows it to handle almost any type of video file. Besides video editing, you can also use it for file conversions and exporting.

2. Run the troubleshooter for Microsoft applications

Simply running Microsoft’s built-in troubleshooter can also help you overcome the “Windows 10 video editor does not export” error. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Start menu -> Settings.
  • To select Update and Security -> Troubleshooting option in the Settings window.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Windows Store apps.
  • Now launch the troubleshooter. To do this, click on the Run the troubleshooter
  • Image 1 – Run the Microsoft troubleshooter

  • The troubleshooter will then perform an analysis of the different applications to see if there are any issues and suggest appropriate fixes.
  • Check if there are any improvements after applying the fixes.
  • 3. Close and reset the Photos app.

    If troubleshooting the app didn’t work for you, terminating and resetting it may do the trick. Follow these steps:

  • To select Settings from the Start menu.
  • Go to applications
  • Look for the Pictures app and open it.
  • Move towards Advanced options and select it.
  • Image 2 – Use advanced options

  • Scroll down to End button and open it. It will help you to end all app related processes.
  • Then click on the Reset and confirm the action by clicking on ‘Yes. ‘
  • Now try to export the video.
  • 4. Update the Photos app

    An outdated Photos app can also cause this error. Therefore, try to update Windows 10 Photos app by doing the following:

  • Check if the Photos app has any new updates. You can do this by going to the Microsoft Store and searching for the Photos app.
  • Download and install all new updates available.
  • Image 3 – Update the Microsoft Photos app

  • Try to export a video after installing the update.
  • 5. Reinstall the Photos app

    If you haven’t had any luck so far, uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Photos app to get rid of the error. Here are the steps:

  • Start by right clicking on the application.
  • Choose Windows PowerShell (administrator).
  • Image 4 – Reinstall the Photos app via PowerShell

  • Type the following command in the PowerShell window and press Enter:
  • get-appxpackage * Microsoft.Windows.Photos * | remove-appxpackage

  • This will remove the Photos app from your computer. Now restart your Windows 10 computer.
  • Launch the Microsoft Windows Store.
  • Install the Photos app after searching for it.
  • Check if the photos and videos are visible in the Photos app.
  • If you don’t see the videos you want, double-click them and they’ll appear in the Photos app.
  • Export the video and see if the issue is resolved.
  • Right now, you should ideally not face the “Windows 10 video editor will not export” error. But if you are still stuck then continue with the additional solutions mentioned below.

    Additional solutions

    1. Disable the graphics card adapter

    It might just be a hit in the dark, but you can try disabling the graphics card adapter to overcome the error. Use these steps:

  • Simultaneously press the Windows + X keys, then select the Device Manager option from the drop-down list.
  • Open the display adapters.
  • Continue by double clicking on your adapter and navigate to the Driver tab.
  • Then deactivate the driver by clicking the Deactivate device button.
  • Windows will tend to use generic drivers because driver acceleration is disabled.
  • Restart your computer and try to export your video.
  • Despite trying all of these solutions, if you still encounter the export error, you should know that there is a problem with the video file itself. It may be damaged or broken.

    Video damage can have many reasons like virus attack, improper file transfer etc. In this case, use a video repair tool like Stellar Repair for Video to repair broken or corrupted video files.

    2. Repair damaged video with Stellar Repair for Video

    Stellar repair for video is an easy-to-use video repair tool with a comprehensive set of features to recover videos under various circumstances. Videos that got corrupted due to interrupted online transfers, conversion or bad codec can be fixed with this software. It is a complete video data recovery solution that allows you to fix multiple video files at once. You also have the option of choosing between Standard, Professional and Premium editions of the software, depending on your needs. While the Standard version can only be used to repair broken videos, the Professional edition can restore and repair photos in addition to video repair.

    Here is how to repair video using this software:

  • The app is available for download from the official Stellar website.
  • Once downloaded and installed, you can launch the app.
  • After opening the app, you will be greeted with a nice user interface. Here add the video file you want to fix by clicking on the Add button then click To continue.
  • Image 5 – Add video to repair

  • A video repair procedure will start after adding the damaged files. Depending on the processing capabilities of your computer, this may take some time.
  • Figure 6 – Video repair in progress

  • Now a new window will open. You can browse the restored files and choose the ones you want to save.
  • Image 7 – After repair, preview the files and save them to the desired location

    Once the video is repaired, you will not encounter the same error again.


    The Photos app’s video editor is readily available right out of the box, and that’s a big part of its appeal. Getting professional software like Premier Pro to edit your videos will be a great idea, if you need it very often. But as long as you don’t regularly edit videos, you can get by with the Photos app.

    While using the Photos app, if you encounter video export errors, feel free to try the solutions in this article.


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