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Check out what is cloud storage and the benefits of using it?

Cloud storage is a service that allows you to back up data by transferring it to a third-party external storage system over the Internet or other network. There are hundreds of different cloud storage systems, from personal storage that stores and / or backs up a person’s email, photos, videos, and other personal files, to corporate storage that allows organizations to use cloud storage as a commercially supported remote backup solution. For use where the business can securely transfer and store data files or share them between locations.

Storage systems are typically scalable to meet the data storage needs of an individual or organization, accessible from any location, and app independent for access from any device. Businesses can choose from three main models: a public cloud storage service suitable for unstructured data, a private cloud storage service that can be protected behind a corporate firewall for better data control and service public and private hybrid cloud storage. . the cloud combines services for greater flexibility.

How does cloud storage work?

Cloud storage is purchased from a third-party cloud provider who owns and operates data storage capacity and internet delivery on a pay-as-you-go model. These cloud storage providers manage the capacity, security, and sustainability to make data accessible for their applications around the world.

Applications access cloud storage through traditional storage protocols or directly through an API. Many vendors offer additional services designed to help collect, manage, protect, and analyze data at scale.

Why should you use cloud storage?

The betrayal of USB drives

It is difficult to find a person who does not have a USB memory. Whether you work for a company or study at university, you need this little tool every day. But do you realize how many problems you are having with your USB drive?

First of all, it’s easy to lose it. Some people change USB drives more than socks and gloves because they leave them everywhere. The maximum storage capacity of USB drives is 128 GB (which will be enough to download all seasons of Game of Thrones in excellent quality). What’s the problem? Well, the device with such a capacity is expensive, and if you lose it, you will surely regret it.

People also often encounter such problem when they put their USB drive into the USB input and the computer does not detect it. Many students were unable to show their presentations due to such a technical error. Moreover, if the PC finally detects it, you might be facing the worst problem. A virus that has inhabited this computer can travel to your USB drive and infect your digital data.

But with cloud drives, you can save your education from the hassle of flash drives. It will become a strange object that you will not regret losing.

Optimize your cooperation.

Cloud Drives is a perfect tool for instant data exchange. The possibility of giving access to several people makes this service a perfect tool for remote and home work. People have to pass information on to each other every day. For example, if you are self-employed, you can send files to your manager faster than email. Typically, offices create a local area network to connect all employees. Setting up a local area network requires a lot of work on the part of the system administrator.

In addition, some companies create a corporate email to distribute the necessary information. However, people can get lost in messages when trying to find a specific file. For this reason, freelancers and office workers can get the most out of cloud storage. You can sync any folder with your cloud storage and only grant access to certain people. Another advantage of cloud servers is their ability to integrate with various Office online services (such as CRM or Slack) that allow automatic data exchange.

You can also use these servers with Microsoft and Linux operating systems. Even when you’re not at work, you can access your storage via smartphone and pay for your business online. This cooperative opportunity bridges the gap between people so that they can come together faster than before and deliver the products of their work.

Create a backup of your private files.

When a PC or smartphone crashes, owners of these devices often experience loss of money first and then loss of data. In the previous paragraph I insisted on important business data, now I would like to talk about private files like home photos or videos. Technical devices can be easily broken. And the number of cell phone covers is too large and overwhelming to be said out loud. Using cloud storage as a repository for your files keeps them safe in the event of your device crashing or losing. All the memories have an “auto upload” feature so you can sync them and upload the photo to the cloud as soon as you created it.

Protect your work so it doesn’t go to waste.

All spiritual work is precious. But in a digital world, it can be destroyed in a matter of moments. Google students often “help write an essay” because they haven’t saved their own homework file and are wasting time. People are aware of all the unexpected incidents that can happen to their PCs while they are at work, but they often forget to take action to protect themselves against force majeure. Electricity may fail in your area.

This will shut down your computer and will not save the file with your tasks. It is necessary to start working again from the beginning with the risk of a new risk of tension. Or worse, your generator set may burn out and you will have to find another computer to continue your work. Viruses are another threat in the digital world. You can catch a virus from the internet which will “eat” your precious files while Packman eats ghosts.

After your text files have been processed by viruses, they are usually encrypted. Be honest, your work doesn’t deserve to be destroyed in such a ridiculous way. By syncing your files with cloud storage, you can avoid such stupid loss.

Get more space for less money.

Charging unlimited cloud storage is cheaper than buying and maintaining a large amount of hard drive space. People still buy multi-level hard drives in their homes and offices. But any physical device that can be abandoned for various reasons. The dumbest way is to spill some coffee and ruin gigabytes of data.

Cloud storage services provide their users with affordable deals. For example, the large cloud service Dropbox allows you to use 2 GB of storage space for free. Just sync files from your smartphone and at least keep your text documents. If your needs require more space, there are several ways to purchase it. Get 1000 GB of storage for $ 9.99 / month.

Google Drive offers 100 GB for $ 23.88 per year, but the server is not available to Linux users. Some providers are also introducing unlimited storage space. For example, on OpenDrive, users can get unlimited storage for $ 99 per year. So, if you know the latest innovations, you can optimize your daily life. Take a few minutes and back up your digital data with cloud storage services. You will quickly feel the difference.

Final words: what is cloud storage and the benefits of using it?

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