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Your agency or business may receive calls all day long without you knowing where they are coming from, who is on the other end, and what they may want or need from you.

Collecting customer data from these calls is essential to growing your business, but caller ID may not be enough. This is where the importance of following up calls comes in.

Tracking calls is a great way to online traders know who called, when they called, what they wanted, their location and even the transcripts of the conversation. Read on to learn more about call tracking!

How it works

Call tracking carefully records information about every call you receive on your website. Once you’ve set up call tracking software on your site and associated it with the phone number you use as your primary contact method, it will automatically activate whenever someone calls. It will record, among other things, the location, address, company and time of the caller’s call.

Some call tracking software can also record call transcripts so that you can review conversations when needed, such as when you need to review and confirm important transaction details.

To look closer

Depending on the sophistication of the software you are using, call tracking may capture the following data from the caller’s digital journey that you can use to optimize your marketing campaigns:

  • Caller ID
  • Location
  • Start of call time
  • Duration
  • Repeat the call
  • Press the keys
  • Basket activity
  • Call page
  • Marketing channel
  • Source campaign
  • Keywords and terms
  • Ad group
  • Advertising partner ID
  • Call result
  • Call recording

The data you get from call tracking can be used to get a better and broader picture of call outcomes to build more informed marketing strategies and campaign optimization metrics to improve the customer journey and get the most out of the money you spend on campaigns.

Some gaps in call tracking – and how to fill them

Every system has shortcomings and issues that can cause problems for users, and call tracking is no exception.

The four most common pain points faced by online marketers with call tracking are difficulty in manipulating data to answer customer questions about leads, complexity and digestibility of reported data, difficulty in personalization reports and the difficulty of integrating prospect information with and without a call. These issues that your agency may be experiencing right now can be easily resolved using a reliable call tracking software.

By reliable it means that your call tracking software should allow you to easily sort, filter and categorize data like source / medium, keywords, converted landing page callers, their location, etc. . to answer your customers’ questions about the marketing activities that are responsible for the calls received by the company.

Good call tracking software should also help you easily create reports that are meaningful to the customer – instead of dense walls of numbers on every aspect of your business that can be difficult to understand, customers appreciate reports that are meaningful to the customer. include key metrics on your best campaigns. Your choice of call tracking software would impact this ability.

But in addition to simplifying your bottom line for the customer, your choice of call tracking software should also be able to help you answer their more complex questions. Good call tracking software will make it easy for you to have the information you need – from both calls and leads – in one place instead of having to manually export it from different platforms. and painstakingly placing data on a spreadsheet, which can cause delays in answering important customer questions.

The bottom line

Call tracking is an essential part of the digital marketing arsenal. It helps you record important data about the calls you receive, which can be used to optimize marketing strategies and activities.

Your choice of call tracking software has a huge impact on the success of your efforts, so be sure to pick one that can cover all of your bases.

What call tracking software do you use or are you interested in? Share it with us in the comments!


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